Is Qigong a religion?

Qigong is a form of exercise that some said to hail from India, then evolved and developed in China.  There is no mantra to chant, no need a faith for anyone to believe in to have a positive health effect in your life.

There will not be meditation in the class too.

What is your Qigong style?

Infinite Qigong(无量气功) is a combined best schools of thoughts in Qigong, Taiji Quan, medical science, psychology, TCM knowledge and etc, this is why mine gives instantaneous effect for many people, while other Qigong styles need one to practice for sometime before positive changes.

Rest assured that Infinite Qigong is very safe, Master Geno have tried upon herself, her clients and students before designing this course for you.

Why is your course fee expensive?

Because our testimonials suggest that it's worth the fee.

I have no time to practice Qigong, I'm too busy!

Would you believe that practicing Infinite Qigong(无量气功) can be just 5-10 minutes in your office cubicle, in the MRT (whether standing or sitting), at home when your kids are glued to the TV or iPad?  You can even do it in lunchtime while queuing up at the eatery or your favourite food stall.

The best part - You don't need to move any limb to do it when there are strangers around.

All can be done without wasting a minute of your productive time in your job or family.

Many other Qigong masters would nay, but with Infinite Qigong(无量气功)'s positive experience teaching my clients, it is entirely possible with great benefits.  And they are busy executives in MNCs, business owners, with families to boot after they are off work.

Their tight schedule enable them to achieve it, and you can too.

I'm not sick, I don't need to learn Qigong.

We need to safeguard our future from having sudden illnesses to befall on us, through suitable diet, exercise and lifestyle.  Infinite Qigong(无量气功)is the most suitable one for everyone and anyone. 

My health is very poor after an accident / major illness(es) / chronic illness(es), can Qigong help?

Yes, Infinite Qigong(无量气功) can help to alleviate impaired bodily functions after or during chronic/major illness(es), or after an accident.  However, it cannot regain any lost length of the limbs or full organ regrowth.

Who will teach the classes?

Master Geno will lead every class personally in TIQ Center in Singapore.

What should I expect in your classes?

You should feel refreshed and a sense of well-being in the first lesson.  If you have any aches or pains, you should feel relief in the first class too.

Otherwise, you may feel tired and needing a good nap after it.  People who feel the fatigue after Infinite Qigong(无量气功) class are due to their senses being overwhelmed in their daily lives.

Once their sleep routine is naturally tuned from coming to the classes, they'll be able to sleep better, enjoy better energy level and increased mental sharpness or calm.  Those who have hereditary illnesses or bad health from young may take a longer time for their body to respond than others. 

You should expect Master Geno's classes to be calm yet happy, stoic and informative, serious yet light.  Expect to laugh abit in her classes too.

There are a lot of love and support in Infinite Qigong(无量气功)from all of us.

What is your class size?

It will be at a maximum of 15 people per class so Master Geno can afford to give individual attention within the sessions.

What if I really have to miss 1 or 2 class(es) due to work or family?

Make up classes can be held in our Taiseng's TIQ Center. 

Where do you hold your classes?

All classes will be in our TIQ Center in Oxley Bizhub 2.

Why we choose indoor venues instead of public outdoor for the classes:

  • Shelter from sudden weather changes.
  • No disturbances from other sources (people, animals, kids, passing planes or vehicles etc).
  • Shelter from bad tropical winds.
  • Peace and quiet.
  • Fixed location by rental, not fighting for prime space in public area.

Can I practice Infinite Qigong(无量气功) when I'm menstruating?

Yes, but it is strongly recommended to wear a heavy flow pad, as Infinite Qigong can help to expel old blood, tissues and clots in the system to renew the entire womb safely.

Infinite Qigong will not cause heavy or unusual or untimely bleeding, just expelling bad old blood and the tissues.

What to wear and prepare?

You should wear comfortable long pants, sports shoes and long-sleeved top in the classes.  If you are prone to sweating, please bring a small towel or a top to change after class.

Do Infinite Qigong (无量气功)practices just 1 or 2 styles through the whole course?

8-10 styles through the 3-month course of 12 sessions.  Every lesson will be a progression in postures and styles from the last.  However, if the majority of the students' stamina and health issues don't improve, we may revisit last week's lessons.

How long and how many times to practice out of class?

When you just started the course = 5-8 minutes, once every 2 days. 

When you are in the 2nd month of the course = 5-8 minutes once every 3 days.

After your health improved significantly = 10-13 minutes once every week.

You may practice more to your desire, the above cycle are the minimum to achieve for maximum health rewards.

What are the restrictions?

Never practice Qigong in thunder and/or lighting times.

At home, you should practice in a closed space in the winters (or when there is rain or strong wind at the moment), only open the window and door after it to clear the air.  When practicing alone, please remember to wear long pants and long sleeved top too.  If your flooring is tiles or natural stone, please practice on a yoga mat, or a rug that won't slip with human movements.

It takes only about 10 minutes to practice at home or office or in your hotel room.

Those fresh out of any major surgery should wait for their wound to heal completely before registering for class.

Who can attend your classes?

Anyone can join my class.  Those in the midst of any critical illness medical therapy are especially encouraged to join.

If you have more questions, feel free to email us for a no-obligation enquiry: