Master Geno Ong is a Singaporean and founder of Infinite Qigong®(无量气功).  She is the only complete Body, Mind and Soul's Qigong Master around of proprietary Qigong movements. Infinite Qigong is a registered trademark since 2016.

She aims to reset the perception of Qigong that has been misunderstood and misconstrued for at least the past 50 years.

Having gone through turbulent multiple health issues for years, and after been under the tutelage of various Qigong masters, she spent 5 years to study the art of Qigong in-depth to find the best way of presenting and teaching it better.

"I've been through almost every illness found in human beings, except sexually transmitted diseases, and cured myself with my Infinite Qigong®(无量气功), knowledge in TCM and diet, and philosophy of Life."

With her foundation in Psychology, Psycho-Analysis, Philosophy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and dietary system, Western conventional medicine, supplements and dietary system, spirituality in all major religions, Qigong, Taijiquan, Fengshui and meditation for the last 20 years, she realized people can achieve health and exercise in the simplest, most straightforward way.

You can now practice only 10-15 minutes a day with Infinite Qigong®(无量气功), not the usual 1.5 or 2 hours of hard work, to reap health benefits.

Her classes are often sprinkled with laughter and joy, peace and calm, knowledge and logic.  Students enjoy the relaxed atmosphere Master Geno creates very much.

"The essence of Infinite Qigong® (无量气功)is about relaxation synchronized with the right breathing technique and movements.  Without it, the body cannot start to heal."

She also writes extensively in Facebook in English and Mandarin to connect and share thoughts, dispel myths and hearsay about true health and Life, of the deeply flawed ones floating on the Internet.

"Life is hard enough, let's not make it harder."

Improve your life, make simple, easy changes to it, and no overnight overhaul required.  You will enjoy living more than you ever did.

"Help me help you.  Your health changes are 70% your credit, and 30% mine.  You are the one making miracles possible."

Join Infinite Qigong®(无量气功)now, a new world awaits.

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