Master Geno's Infinite Qigong®(无量气功)has helped many conditions for her students.  Issues like:  

Circulatory (blood or Qi)
Eyesight related
Cardiovascular (heart) related
Renal (kidney) related
Blood pressure (hyper/hypo-tension) related
Skin health
Weight & slimming
Back pain
Osteo-articular (bones) related
Osteoporosis (losing bone marrow)
Periodontal (gums & teeth) related
Mental and emotional health related
Thyroid related
Genealogical (women's)
Andrological (men's)

Critical illnesses like:

Organ diseases (liver, kidneys, gastric and gut system, lungs, bone, brain, eyes, ears)
Spinal diseases

And accidents that warrant hospital attention and/or stay, where the sufferer has to undergo surgery and/or physiotherapy to regain bodily functions.

When you come for the first class of Master Geno's Infinite Qigong®(无量气功), you will have a discussion of your current health challenges with her.  She will understand your:

  • Your lifestyle
  • Dietary habits
  • Biological cycles
  • Workload & stress level
  • Daily routine and etc 

And advise how you can better them to improve your life and health.  With that, a conclusion will be derived on how you should move forward.

In the class, she gives attention to everyone on:

  • Their breathing patterns
  • Postures and body-limbs coordinations
  • Movements in practicing Infinite Qigong®(无量气功)
  • Imparting authentic health knowledge
  • Educate the rational behind many internet health myths and various food trends
  • Educate what to eat for your body constitution

No one will be left behind.  If anyone is too tense, she will lighten the atmosphere to loosen your tension.  Students are also more than welcome to raise questions for her to field.

Master Geno Ong releases her personal contact number to all students, so they can reach or update her on their health improvements or questions.  Every lesson, she will track your health progress and advise further accordingly.

You can expect:

  • To experience a more positive change of health by Lesson 3
  • To be able to confidently practice anywhere by Lesson 6.

Here is a health checklist for you to download and tick off, to understand more on your current state of health.  The more ticks there are, the more attention is needed.