Infinite Qigong®(无量气功)is a registered trademark in the Madrid Protocol (40201513573X in Class No(s). 41) in Singapore, an intellectual property that belongs solely to Master Geno Ong.

It is the only Qigong academy in Singapore, and only one in the world that teaches a complete strategy to improve health and our stress threshold to handle Life according to genuine, ancient, effective Chinese health philosophies, in the simplest, fastest and easiest ways, without expensive, rare, exotic herbs or food.

The complete health strategy are:

  • Suitable diet to your body & health conditions
  • Quality rest
  • Suitable exercise (Infinite Qigong®,无量气功)
  • Good mental health

It is also the only Qigong academy that understands the latest Western medical science to inform ourselves of our health needs.  Master Geno is bilingually strong to explain the health strategy connections to any English or Mandarin speaking ones. 

Infinite Qigong® is suitable for anyone even without any knowledge of Qigong, 95.6% of our students have no experience in Qigong when they first started with us.  They are amazed at how simple it is to pick it up with Master Geno. 

There are no product selling or membership package signing in every Qigong class, Master Geno stocks nothing at all to sell.  Instead, she imparts selflessly to everyone on:

  • Dealing with weather changes in Singapore via food and diet
  • Dealing with stress and the chaotic mind
  • Mythbusting wrong health concepts with the right ones
  • Dealing with different ages or events in Life that will affect our health
  • How to cook in the cheapest and easiest way for ourselves and family
  • How to keep Life simple with the most savings on everything

Master Geno often quipped, "I'm the youngest Auntie in Singapore for everything you all need to know!"

Infinite Qigong®(无量气功)emphasize integrity, love, compassion, support between Master Geno and her students, and among the students themselves.

It is the most practical, holistic and knowledgeable Qigong academy in the world to help modern health challenges in all of us.

Master Geno's mission statement for Infinite Qigong®:

Infinite Study(无量学)into the body, mind and soul
Infinite Reach(无量广)into humanity
Infinite Ability(无量能)to help others