Below are some testimonials categorized by medical conditions, there are too many to list all.  Please click on the following to read more:

Stress & Energy Level
Qigong energy flow
Digestion issues
Skin issues
Men's issues
Women's issues
Pain issues
Weight loss
Post-cancer issues
Atrial Fibrillation
Exercise effects on wrist tracker
Some of the case studies Master Geno has documented, of her students
Some of the videos Master Geno did on health

If you are healthy now, learning Infinite Qigong®(无量气功)will improve your feeling of well-being that even with longevity, you would less likely be sickly or plagued with hospital or medicine bills. 

Imagine, you can still accomplish household chores, go travelling around without help or play with your grandkids or great-grandkids happily in your 80s or 90s.  Is this not wonderful?

Infinite Qigong®(无量气功)style's positive effect is rapid and good, but if you want a sustained, long-term positive turn in your health, please commit to the following:

Proper, balanced diet (mostly omnivorous diet)
Medication (if needed)
Better daily routine and lifestyle
Practice for 15-minutes once every 3 days, minimum

You don't have to overhaul your diet and lifestyle overnight.  Do it step-by-step, with determination to want a better health and life.  At the end of it all, you would be very proud of your achievements.