Skin Pigmentation - Part 2

After a hiatus from a flu and the Chinese New Year, I finally got to sit down and finish this concluding segment on skin pigmentation.  It's really more than skin deep.

I'll touch on skin pigmentation on the following:

Why do women have more + earlier skin pigmentation than men?
What are True Yin & Yang energies?
Combating skin pigmentation, poor skin tone

Why women have more + earlier skin pigmentation than men?

In an UOB credit card commercial jingle, "The men don't get it", skin pigmentation do happen to men, just that it happens later and slower than women.  Why?

Biologically, women are made differently from men with 2 most apparent functions - menstruation + pregnancy.

With menstruation + pregnancy, a women's in-borne resources (True Yin & Yang energies) deplete much faster than men.  And it's not difficult to understand why.

Women lose blood monthly, some with poor health lose more.  Aside that, many women also give birth to kids.  That's aside the modern stress from work.

Typically, women are emotionally more fragile than men of the following patterns:

Easily irritable
Repressed emotions
Easily depressed
Less able to have fun and let go
And more

With the above negative emotions, AND the monthly blood loss due to menstruation AND/OR child birth, a woman's in-borne resources (True Yin & Yang energies) deplete at a much faster rate than men.

What are True Yin & Yang energies

Almost everyone of us have a full tank of True Yin & Yang energies stored in our body when we're born.  These are the true essence of resources for us to use and maintain our life till our expiry on Earth, that is death.

** Almost = excluding those who are borne to hereditary illness etc

In the TCM perspectives, if we live a life of moderation in diet, lifestyle and emotions, we'll be reasonably healthy till our death = little to no suffering in our ending years.  However, most modern people don't practice these anymore.

Most modern people eat in extremes, live extremely and have extreme emotions, these deplete our True Yin & Yang energies super fast and easily.  What are the extremes?

Fear of poor health/poverty
Too much processed food or vegetables or meat
Sleeping too late
Too much TV or social media
Too much stimulations e.g pubs, horror movies, sad dramas, angry dramas
Over exercise or under-exercise
Bringing work stress home
Unable to let go, forgive and forget
Unable to laugh well, be happy and keep a simple mind
Too much or too little stimulative sex
And more

These take a big toll on our health, and affect women far more than men due to our different biological set up for monthly menstruation and/or child delivery.  Stopping menstruation isn't going to help, I know what a few of you are thinking.

Because it's against Mother Nature.

In the TCM perspectives, going against Nature using chemical drugs for our body will only wreck it beyond repair.  It's meaningless to subject our body to such harms, we come from nature, we should look for solution from nature.  :)

It's rational, ain't it?  Computers are man-made, hence it's resolution with problems come from man-made stuff i.e nuts and bolts etc.  No one can insert a carrot into a computer to deal with a hardware problem.  It's impossible.

Coming back, with women's True Yin & Yang energies deplete much faster in the stimulative, modern, fast-paced, stressful, processed food city, our skin pigmentation come much faster than before.  And fiercer than we can handle.

And skin pigmentation actually means organ issues and imbalance in our body.  Now, how do we deal with it?

Combating skin pigmentation, poor skin tone

With the above, it seems all gloom and darkness for women, like it's destined to poor health for life, ain't it?  No!

The best part about human beings is, we're adaptable to our environment, all we need to do is have some paradigm shifts.  Simple as that.  :)

As women progress into menopausal age of their life, their body's True Yin energies will go into a steep diminishing return = this starts from age 40 on.  For some women, if their life is more stimulated + insufficient balanced nutrition + more emotionally extreme = the menopausal age can start at age 35.

"What!  Are you serious??"

I never lie about health stuff.

Living a life of any extreme listed in the above (and it's not exhaustive yet) depletes our body's True Yin and Yang energies doubly fast.  For alot of women, the depletion comes in form of excess emotions and mindset + work and family stress + wrong diet.

Hence, to combat skin pigmentation (which is actually a sign of internal organ issues), we must do the following:

1.  Handle our emotions + mindset

Accept that we need to let go, we cannot be perfectionists, life isn't perfect, and humans are definitely imperfect, forgive and forget.

** Or, leave or report the bully etc.  Only in extreme cases do we take down people in different ways.

Accepting and practicing these daily will make us less tense, irritable, frustrated and angry.  And our poor organs will be spared of being bombed stress hormones that'll age them considerably fast.

Engage in a hobby that we're happy in + make friends in, so there's a work-life balance.  For the introverts, we can make friends online these days with minimal meetings.  Voila!  Hail technology!  There's a solution for everyone!  :P

2.  Work + family stress

Work with your husband to take turns to have time-out alone at home, or be out with friends for some enjoyable time.  Whilst doing that, please don't think about the potential messy house, screaming kids and your husband.

Time-out is supposed to free your mind and emotions.

Now, be fair, and let your husband have his Boys Night too.  Fairness is called love.  :)

3.  Wrong diet

A women once reached the age 40 (some from 35 years old on), would need far more nutrients than their youthful years, simply because their body's True Yin & Yang energies are running very low.

This means a good set of carbs + animal protein + veggies for every meal.

Some women fear that they'll grow fat with carbs and animal protein, let me reiterate that they don't.  When our body's True Yin & Yang energies are low = our ability to burn food for energy turns low too.  This is how we turn fat.

When I mention balanced diet, I mean a diet rich in balanced carbs, animal protein and veggies but cooked simply without extreme temperature (fried, pan-fried or frozen or fridge cold), without too much spices daily etc.

Extreme cooking temperature + too much spices, taken on frequent basis (once a week at least) will add too much burden to our internal organs = poor health.  This applies to everyone, not just women.

Extreme emotions depletes our body's True Yin & Yang energies too.  This is why women age faster than men, more than men, and worse than men.

And PLUS the imbalanced modern diet of odd food fads, women age worse than their women ancestors, hence skin pigmentation etc.

To achieve good health in modern city is actually easier than in the country now, with the access to more resources e.g variety of food, medical care, information online etc.  So never ever think that to be healthy, we need to be in the country-side.

Plucking any city person to the country-side wouldn't resolve any issue, unless we're used to living there.  For one, I know wouldn't.

To live well in the city life isn't as difficult as we think, all we need to do is just some determination, will power and paradigm shifts.

Right, how to have the right diet, mindset and exercise?  Come for my Infinite Qigong class, with a will to improve your life, I guarantee that you'll love it.

This is not a shameless plug.  :)

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