金牌 EFG 汤

First soup of 2017 is here! And we have a surprise guest in it!

《金牌 EFG 汤》

In this video, I'll share:

Why do I make this EFG soup?
The improvisation from ABC soup.
Why do I add the 2 important herbs in.
Why are many home-made soups imbalanced?
How are they imbalanced?

My mom will make a guest voice appearance in the video too. :P


Carrot, half stick
Corn, 1 cob
陈皮, 1 segment
北芪, 2 sticks
百合 (optional)
Pork ribs, 1 pack

This proportion is for 1-2 people, increase by 2x to 2.5 times for a family of 4-5.  :)