Heal Without Medicine

Recently, I was amused that 1 of my (young) Qigong students improvement in health despite her refusing to take my TCM prescription for TCM doctor's.

When she first came to class, her palms are cold and sweaty and her sinus issue was terrible. You can literally hear her breath.

2 weeks later, with just the Food List of things she shouldn't eat and what to eat more, and practicing of my Infinite Qigong, her palms regain warmth with less sweat.

I was very amused of the change, though I must also declare, her sinus is still looking for improvement. But aside that, it's to me a marked progress.

Then comes a male student in his middle age.

He refused TCM prescription for his health issues, just took my advice on what to eat, and come piously for classes every single week for 1 year....

His slouched back straightened up, backache reduced significantly, his face finally see pink and radiance. And maybe, his hair less white....

Yes, one can heal without medicine just by my Infinite Qigong and banning the wrong food + taking the right ones in our life. But.

One would need to give time and patience for it.

I suggest TCM herbs because many issues are chronic, of at least 30 years, and the suffering is very apparent = they're in pain and their life poorly affected.

TCM herbs shorten the suffering significantly if the prescription is right + right diet for their issues + mind is generally balanced + my Infinite Qigong. This is why I guarantee improvement in 3 months.

But there'll always be people who are resistant towards medication, and for that, I'd prescribe Patience & Consistency. A huge dose of Patience & Consistency.

Patience & Consistency means, Time + Practice. We need to invest time and energy for the right results.

It's either one pay for every 3-month cycle to be in a class that makes one practice, or, practice at home piously after the 3-month full course according to my precise instructions, to see great effects.

I've suffered greatly to be alive now, and imparting the knowledge of what it feels to be healthy and alive to anyone who truly wants it. I do it all with an utmost sincerity that only my students would know.

I receive whatsapp at 11pm from students asking me if certain food can be taken for their health status. I remember every single student's health conditions.

And for every 3-month cycle, I easily have around 50 students in my classes.

I remember all of their health issues, this is some commitment with love and responsibility for my job. I've been through a few near-death experience with my poor health, I don't wish this to happen onto any good + benign person.

If anyone has enough of health suffering, my fee in exchange for good health is too cheap. Because what one got in return is a dedicated + highly knowledgeable teacher who won't desert her students.

And one who never push or sell MLM products too.