Do Qigong Actually Work?

Many people have watched Youtube videos of Qigong, and are intrigued by the amazing powers of it.  I'll explain them all today, of the How, Why and What of Qigong.

Most of the videos about Qigong doing amazing stunts should be taken with a pinch of salt, however, that doesn't mean that such amazing powers never exist.  It does.

But this begets the next question = what does it do for my Life + how do we get it?

To get such amazing powers of Qigong, a consistent, almost-daily training for at least 10 years must be in place.  It's to change the body cells and structure entirely to cultivate the amazing ability.

An overwhelming majority of us have no such ability, time and finance to fund such pursuit, hence, I'd say lets forget this kind of Qigong.

** There're however, crash courses that promise gaining fast powers with thousands of dollars in a few days.  I say, if we need 10 days to prepare a feast for the king, 1 day simply cannot cut it.  :)

Qigong for Health

Ah, we're speaking now.

In a simpler realm, Qigong is a very good way to gain health in our super fast-paced (no longer fast-paced already) modern life.

Being fast, vast amount of stress hormones are created in our body, bombing our system.  By right, our body has the ability to cleanse itself of the stress hormones, but as it consistently get bombed on a daily basis, the ability to renew itself gets poorer and poorer.

This is why chronic illnesses and cancers rise annually without respite.

Stress, is an emotional thingy, no doubt that food and exercise can help to cleanse the toxic from the stress hormones, but if our brain is unable to calm down after a day of work, the help of food and exercise only spells more burden instead.

Imagine, our body is loaded with stress hormones it's busy to get rid of, in comes food that require additional resources to digest.  Then come competitive, stress-natured exercises that the body can't deal with, when it's screaming to rest.

How do the body deal with all these?  Sounds logical, right?  :)

"Ok, I'll sleep it off lah!"

With my own experience + all of the students I've taught, no one can sleep well (even if taken leave from work to do so) when the mind is cluttered.

Some get loads of dreams, some don't feel rested no matter how much sleep, some wake up a few times in the sleep.

Only when we do Qigong, using breathing and movement to regulate the whole body, the mind let go of all the noise, do we feel rested in the class or after it.  A majority of my students feel super good after the class, they sleep very well when they reach home.

Qigong is a great wisdom passed down from the ancient Chinese, I've a mind to suspect the ancient Chinese already know the state of the future world, hence created Qigong to let us deal with it.

Back To The Future IV = Saving The World From Death By Stress...  :P

Practicing Qigong allow us to slow down, calm down, pick up the pieces from the horrible warring day, allow the body to rest and kick-start the Qi and blood flow.

By doing this, our mind gets the time-out it has been crying for during the day, and rejuvenate itself, Body and Soul.  

When our Mind, Body and Soul are rejuvenated, the rate of getting cancer and chronic illnesses reduce by 80%.  Yes, it's that amazing, we really should make our body great again.

** Wait, did I hear this phrase somewhere before?  Hmmmm.  :P

"But I can't calm my mind down!"

For this, we really have to ask ourselves some serious questions:

  • By thinking or worrying during Qigong, does it help the situation?
  • Is our health more important than work?
  • Are we not the master of our mind?
  • Why are we torturing ourselves this way?
  • Why don't we allow ourselves rest?
  • Don't we love our family enough to want health in ourselves?
  • Don't we want to retire well with our loved ones + see our grandkids?
  • Why do this to ourselves?
  • Why work ourselves to death?

These are very serious questions that I was only enlightened when I got my heart attack at 35 years old.

We must not forget, we're very dispensable to our boss and the company.  Anything that befall us begets only a few lines of tears from your boss and nothing from the CEO.  We're nothing but a tool and pawn.

However, that doesn't mean that we should slack at work.  We're paid to do work, we mustn't slack.  What I'm meaning is = do our due diligence, do our best, and let go.

When we allow ourselves to let go in the Qigong class, the precious hour in it = allowing the Qi and blood to flow normally without stress, this kick-start the journey back to health.

Then from what you've learned from me in class, apply to your life daily.  For just 15 minutes a day, learn to allow your mind to rest from all the noise in the day.

When we're truly rested, coupled with my Qigong to stimulate recovery from a stressed life, then the right diet (I'll impart you) to provide the right nutrients and building blocks to your body....

I guarantee you health.  :)