Dietary Insomnia

Many people would balk at this concept, but this isn't new.  This theory has been in existence in TCM for thousands of years.  Thousands.

Now, what exactly is dietary insomnia?  "OH, I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S DUE TO FOOD!!"

Keep calm, drink some soup, and read on.  :)

Imbalance diet

These days there're many health fads from USA, on eating more veggies, fruits, supplements etc, and many of such subscribers unfortunately gets insomnia as a result.

"But I thought vegetables and fruits are healthy!"

Not if they give you poor health.  Vegetables, fruits and meat are good to a certain extent till we eat in off-balance = either too much or too little.  They are conflicting forces that will become evil if too much/little on its own.  Only a balanced diet of these 3 (but much less fruits 'cos it's a real EXTREME food) will counter each others' forces and work in synergy for good health.

Don't understand?

Ok, let's put it this way.

When we have sex, it feels good, it feels great.  Right, provided it's great sex.  But if we have too much sex, we feel lethargy the next day, our knees weaken, even if we feel the euphoria from it.  It's then too much sex, because it gives poor sensation of health well-being.  Simple.

Plant and animal food have strong energies to humans when taken on its own, human are omnivorous animals.  If we go into either extreme in diets of plants or animals, we suffer.

** Only 0.000001% of the humans in this world can thrive on solely plant or animal as food.  The keyword here = thrive = no ill-feeling of poor health.

If your health exhibit the following symptoms, then you need to rebalance your diet.  Click here to read.  Remember to turn back to read more!

Now the following dietary insomnia is something I've exact experience in and must write to share.

Tea Insomnia

Like many Asians, I'm a Chinese tea lover.

At the start, great tea gives the kind of euphoria, de-stress like good food or sex.  But, once the body got destroyed by it, insomnia kicks in.

"What?? Tea destroy us?  I THOUGHT IT'S GOOD??"

Well, it's meaningless for me to say too much, let's just do some reverse engineering and re-examine our life so far.  Once the tea habit kicks in, our digestion, sleep quality starts to slowly slip.

It has nothing to do with old age, if our ancestors can sleep well everyday, go down to the fields and farm, scold us grandkids at age 80, then die easily in their sleep or fast without alot of suffering....Then yes, something is wrong with us.

It has nothing to do with aging at all.

Tea, in the TCM perspective, is very cold, it's so cold that it's described as "frosty" = 寒。And the tea leaves have zig-zag razor-like sides, none of our dietary vegetables have it.  So it isn't exactly a benign plant.

"Then why do the ancient Chinese drink tea?"

The ancient Chinese has a diet of high fat, not necessary high animal protein (depends on economic background of the family) but it's high in fat.  Animal fat is the cheapest animal oil to balance off a diet high in vegetables.  Tea is supposed to cut the fat and balance everything off.

It doesn't work like, "Oh, since I need tea to cut fat then I might as well don't eat any!"  Food synergy doesn't work this way.

Modern city people immersed in American health fads don't eat enough fats, pure good lardy fats, in significant amounts to let tea cut it, to form a balanced force and power in the body.

Tea, in the TCM perspective, will thin the blood of any healthy and unhealthy people.

People whose blood are thick not due to diet of high fat content and drink tea to thin it will die faster than they know.  It's like fire on the 3rd floor, and we douse water on the 12th, we're simply fighting fire in the wrong place while the fire on 3rd floor burns bigger and fiercer.

When our diet is too low in fat for our tea drinking habit, we will suffer poor digestion and insomnia due to it.  Fat, meaning 70% fat and 30% meat in pork belly.  And yes, we have to eat the skin too, but not the hair.  :P

So for tea drinking habit to be a balanced energy in our body, we must eat like our Chinese ancestors to prevent a slew of health issues in future = high fatty lardy fatssssss.  With meat.

I've advised too many students whose health are almost destroyed by their frequent tea drinking habit with almost absolute success rates.  Let me save yours.  :)

** Individual body requires slightly different advise to bring them to good health, as like everyone has different fingerprint and iris, please forgive that I cannot share more here.

My health talk is coming soon, come to find out more about your health.  Fire any question at me,  I love answering questions.  :)

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