Women Insomnia

What was that?  Women insomnia?  What is this all about?

Many women started having insomnia after 2 major events in their life:  Pregnancy or Menopause.  They were very normal before it, why do this happen?

When a woman is pregnant, her food and nutrition intake will increase.  Afterall, she's eating for both herself and the baby, so this is right, right?

Half right.

Many Singaporean women's pregnancy nutrition are either too heaty or too cooling in the TCM perspective, this cause their body to be threw off the balance and insomnia comes.  Either it starts during pregnancy already, or once the baby is delivered.

When it starts in pregnancy, it means the mother's nutritional balance is already seriously off, if it starts shortly after pregnancy (half a month to 1-2 years later), it means the delivery took too much resources off the mom and she's unable to recover them.

Such insomnia isn't just a simple one, it'll be accompanied with many other issues like:  menstruation issues, body heat/cold, lowered appetite, super lethargy, poor skin, dry/oily hair, headaches, body aches etc.  The list is endless.

If such insomnia happens after menopause, it means the women's diet + lifestyle since her first menstruation has been off balance till the body has no more resources to handle menopause.  In the TCM perspective, menopause is a great event in a woman's life.

From the age 40, a woman's body goes into preparing itself for menopause.  If it has few resources (nutrition) to handle it, it'll be a very difficult menopause time.  Meaning, from age 40 - 60 years old, a woman suffers tremendously from menopausal symptoms.

And after age 60, the body simply goes downhill on a steep slope.

Menopausal symptoms from age 40 is harder to catch = increased body heat, drier skin, drier virginal, fading memory, poorer hair etc.

Note that everything starts off with "er" above, meaning, it's subtle and not as apparent.  Some women will dismiss the signs as just tiredness, weather or just bad food intake or stress for the week.  Many think they'll be able to sleep it off, or take a vacation or have a good meal to replace it.

But it works insignificantly, it may improve a LITTLE bit for a while then the cycle starts all over again.  And women do this all over again to see improvement insignificantly, dismiss it again and....it's a neverending story.

Women who had kids or in the menopausal years (40-60 years old) must have the right TCM herbs to help them.  Western style of nutrition hardly ever works, if we observe carefully or have a Health Journal, you will understand what I'm trying to say.

The health journal must have the following guides to know our health factor. = click there.

Pregnancy + menopausal poor health cannot be mitigated by day-to-day food, though it does help in body repair.  But, it's only helpful if the right TCM herbs are engaged.  It works in tandem, not alone on its own.

The right food that women should take are Yin-nourishing ones = 滋阴。However, many women take it the wrong way and gives themselves watery stools and/or poor digestion.  TCM food strategy isn't easy, but it isn't that difficult after all.  We just need to understand our unique body constitution and eat accordingly.

And I've seen loads of students who tried the Western dietary health fads, along with loads of supplements, without much effects.  Maybe they do feel a tad better, but it's never recovery.  The keyword here is recovery.

In dealing with health issues, the TCM motivation and goal is 100% recovery, not just mere improvements.  If we're happy with just improvements, I can guarantee that as we age, the symptoms will increase and deepen.  How do I know that?

I'm a woman too.  :)

Come for my class, I'll teach you dietary overhaul and the TCM strategy to recover your health.  Or your money back.  :)

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