Skin Pigmentation - Part 1

This is an article that my Qigong student requested for, her pigmentation spot on her face faded and she was full of excitement.  "Qigong can fade pigment spots?" She asked.  More than that.

"Pigmentation is actually signs of more things."
"Write an article on this leh!"
"Wah, this is a huge topic."
"Write in parts lah!"

And so, here we go.

Skin pigmentation products + plastic surgery + laser treatments, as many would have already found out, only works so much for so long.  They (pigmentation) always come back, some come back even worse and fierce than before, especially as we age = more as we age.


For this, we need to understand the cause of pigmentation in the biological and pathological aspects in the TCM view.

What are Pigmentations

Pigmentation appear on the skin, many with some TCM knowledge immediately link it to lungs (skin and lungs are connected in TCM), but it's more than that.  The skin, is the mirror of our internal health.  Any of our internal organs are poor, the skin will show up to inform us to take action.

In women, aging brings more age spots, sun burn pigmentation than other pigmentation.  These are more aggressive to spread and grow on our body than others.  Next comes pregnancy pigmentation.

Others, the pigmentation issue can start from youth that never goes away e.g post-acne or post inflammation pigmentation, melasma/chloasma, and uneven skin tone.

In the TCM perspective, pigmentation occurs due to the following:  organ, Qi, blood and emotional deficiencies.  For most cases, pigmentation don't come from 1 source, it's always a combination of sources that explode pigmentation.

Organ Issues

For most ladies, pigmentation issues are linked to Liver, Kidneys and Spleen.  When these organs are deficient, brown spots (Liver) or yellow spots (spleen) or dark grey skin tone (Kidneys) comes .  In some ladies, there're all dark grey, brown and yellow spots, meaning, all Kidneys, Liver and Spleen are deficient.

For some people, there aren't apparent spots on the skin, but tones of color difference.  Brown and yellow tones are still linked to Liver and Spleen.  Some are dark grey or greyish tone, and it'd be linked to Kidney deficiency.  Greenish tones = Liver deficiency.

Now, sun spots = people who love the sun and got spots (or freckles) on their skin, are due to damage to the skin from over-sunning.  This is connected to the lungs = lungs deficiencies.

With organ deficiencies, all we have to do is handle the offending and connected organs with the right TCM herbs and all will be well = no more pigmentation.

In our body, only our Skin and Liver have regrowing capabilities, not so for other organs, as long as the damage isn't too deep and bad.  Good news for ladies, yes?  :)

Qi and blood deficiencies

With Qi and blood, this is a more problematic issue as it means our health foundation is rocked.  Resetting our health foundation will take more effort and time.

With Qi and blood deficiencies, not only pigmentation are difficult to heal, the spread can be fast and furious, as the Qi and blood are the base of our entire health.  But this isn't the worst enemy to take down....

Emotional deficiencies

In my experience with almost 200 students, emotional issues are the worst to tackle, worst to handle and most difficult to overcome.

With just pure biological and pathological issues, proper Qigong where I'll impart + dietary strategies + TCM herbs = resolve all issues with time.  But come the emotional devil in our mind and heart, the work can only be accomplished by the student themselves.

Nothing else can help much, except some counselling and TCM intervention to improve the state of mind.

Emotional issues are detrimental to our organs, wreck havoc to our career, family, relationships and health.  Pigmentation can be linked to emotional issues, as emotions attack our organs like a full-fledged warfare.

It'll also be the most difficult to get rid of.

Normally, people who hold grudges, over-worrying, nurses fear and anxiety or are depressed, will almost always have pigmentation of various forms on their skin.  Either spots or skin tone variations.

In the next article, I'll talk abit more on the causes make pigmentation on our skin + how to deal with it + some examples (including mine) on success cases.  Stay tuned.  :)

Skin Pigmentation - Part 2