Wonders of Porridge

New student's body was weak from years of stressful work + detoxification read elsewhere + having his meals too fast.

His wife said he almost didn't chew his food.

After 2 weeks of Chinese herbal soups + brew, his conditions didn't improve and I knew I need a new strategy = porridge.

I suggested his wife a series of ingredients where she can mix and match for his daily porridge dinner at home, so he has no gulping his meal. Porridge are pre-digested food with the soft constituency = good for fast eaters, the ill and babies.

After a week of porridge dinners, he came telling me that he feels better in the day. That's along with the Infinite Qigong he's practicing.

Food, sometimes can be our best medicine, provided that we're willing to stomach the process for the sake of health.

Pun intended. :D