(Wrong) Food Can Kill

Dear friend's husband's health has gone to the point of having quitted his job to take a break, and asked if I can help his situation.

After a lengthy questioning time with her, I deduced that I must give a prescription strong enough to render a good diarrhea before any good work can be done. I strategized for him to bomb the toilet from day 1 for about 2 days.

But nothing happened for 3 days.

Till he jumped up almost at dawn like there were firecrackers in his pants to nuke the toilet. He then complained to friend of "that bad medicine". I said if everything is out of the system, he wouldn't have the runs anymore.

At most 1-2 more trips to end it all.

Eventually, there were no more complains about diarrhea from him, he nuked the toilet for 3x that day only.

Next up, clear the internal heat + rebuild the system again. That's if my dear friend manages to con her husband over for me to see + chat with him. Giving a prescription without seeing the patient is dangerous, I did that because it was just a classic case of overindulgence in animal protein + fried food.

However, rebuilding work needs more understanding of the protagonist, there's only so much a wife can relay to me, while my experience can pick up different information that are insignificant to laymen.