Old = Ill

I've heard of this many times from people, and this is an increasing worrying trend that's totally wrong.

Let's recall, in our grandparents or great-grandparents times, do we have such wide-spread amount of elderly who are debilitating on bed?  In adult diapers? Needing to feed via tubes? Having odd tempers? Unable to bath themselves? Suffering from cancers or other chronic diseases?


Back in those days, most people die because they're old, they don't die of illnesses in old age.

So if we think being old = ill, then our grandparents or great-grandparents are abnormal?  Which is normal, which isn't?  Have we ponder deeply into this?

"These days so much stress! Air and food are polluted, how to be healthy!"

No doubt that there're far more stress than the past, and things are polluted, but life is easier now with technology + information abound.  Our grandparents and great-grandparents times don't enjoy all these.

So, who are the worse off?  :)

I've seen more and more people who give up their lives even before things turn bad, these people are healthy, earning money, have a reasonably happy family, and they give up their lives.

This is too worrying, our grandparents and great-grandparents times were times of low resources, world war and they don't think like us now.  So what gives?

We failed to see the big picture.

We failed to see that even with modern times of abundance now, we've a choice in ourselves.  We failed to see it's ourselves who don't exercise choice for our health and life.

There're people who die of old age in the modern times, but many aren't, so it means they're doing something right while we're doing something wrong.  Have we ponder over this?

Do we indulge in snacks?
Do we indulge in unhealthy food?
Do we eat in moderation for everything?
Do we destress after work?
Do we have a balanced state of view for things?
Do we do good?
Do we give ourselves some outdoor times?
Do we forgive and forget?

I realized, people who failed at least 3 of the above points suffer from poor health, because their state of mind is already warped.  It causes them to be unhappy and when we're unhappy, we create stress hormones.

With stress hormones, our health starts to dive.  Stress hormones are like chemo drugs, they attack our system in wanton glee.

They kill us silently, slowly, mercilessly.

If others can live a happy life, we need to examine ourselves how we can do it too.  Because if we're unhappy, we're killing ourselves softly.  :)