Our Health Account & Recovery Process

My Qigong student, whose health + body was crumbling apart, due to a change to vegetarian diet, joined the Infinite Qigong family.

After assessing her situation, I told her, I'll be able to save you if you go back to omnivore diet, heavier at the meat side. She agreed, she has to.

She's suffering intolerable pain, aches and numbness in the joints, ringing ears, and her sleep was horrible.

After 1 month of omnivore diet + my TCM prescription, her situation improved by leaps and bounds. Her face isn't yellow + sallow anymore, we're left with ringing ears to deal with. Then 1 fine day....

"Teacher, suddenly my joints ache + numb again! Everything like come back, why like that?"
"What did you ate for the last 2 days?"
"Same food."
"List everything out."
"I'd vegetarian meal yesterday."
"See lah, see lah, anyhow anyhow lah, hor."

Dear people,

When our health is really terok horrible already, and taking right medicines to regain health, any slight improvement is easily erased by a wrong step in our diet or emotions or lifestyle. Why?

Imagine our body as a current account, below a threshold of money in it = incur penalty fee. When our health hasn't go to the high fund level, any wrong step in our diet, emotions, lifestyle = draw the funds to penalty fee level.

Which is where suffering comes.

Now, people often tell me, "I last time don't like that one leh, now then like that. Why ah?"

Because we've been abusing our body + health in wanton whims, and it has been drawing on our foundational resources till it has to throw the white flag.

That's why people "suddenly" got aches, pains, insomnia, numbness etc 1 fine day, at best. At worst, stroke, heart attack, cancer.

Everything doesn't come "suddenly" or "1 fine day", everything is built up to explode. We just live a life we anyhowly like, or we THINK is right (but actually wrong), then our health explode.

Please take care of your health.
Please eat everything in moderation (except preserved food, must ban).
Please balance your emotions.
Please do good deeds.
Please rest your mind and body.

I wish to earn your money for health maintenance purposes, not because you're very ill.

It's not for me, but for yourself and your family. Cheers. :)