Swimming = Poor Lungs?

A student who has graduated for a few months just Whatsapp me, her little boy is having high fever and on flu medication. She asked if TCM can be administered along with it.

Then I recalled that this isn't the first time they (their whole adult family was my students) Whatsapp me asking of their boy's health issues. I remember that he seems to be sick often, 'cos I'd recommended food and TCM doctor to them.

Then I say, "Don't use TCM, stop all swimming for 3 years, don't let him sweat profusely. Reduce vegetables intake significantly, make more non-vegetable based Chinese soups for him."

Her, "Ya, we realised that he gets high fever very easily after swimming...."

As much as TCM is better than western medicine, a kid's immunity will be seriously compromised if taking them often for illnesses. It's after all, a means to kill internal viruses and bacteria. But if the body is already very weak, it cannot support the medication to carry out its work well.

Therefore, we should approach boosting the immune system via other external ways. Now, why do swimming cause frequent fevers in some kids and not for some?

In the TCM perspective, when our lungs Qi is compromised enough, activities that are in contact with water (e.g swimming) will compromise them poor lungs further. This is the same for kids who sweat profusely (thoroughly wet t-shirt) in intense playing.

Sweating is good, profuse sweating isn't. Exercise is good, but till it weakens us isn't.

Everything is all about balance.

99% of the vegetables are cooling by nature, when our health is weakened via frequent colds, coughs and flus, vegetables can kill with their mostly cooling characteristics. However, loading on spices and heaty vegetables cannot balance out. Why?

Our DNA for at least 20,000 years is made up of more animal protein, carbohydrates and then vegetables last. Hence, we need the right animal protein and the right cooking methods to help our body metabolise these foods to our advantage = repair the body system.

** I teach all these in my Qigong classes.

Many TCM doctors have no idea on how to implement food-based medicinal strategies to improve health and combat illnesses at the same time. For very weak people, this is the only way to rebuild our health, albeit slow but very reliable and of the least adversities. No other way.


I've been through it and found out the very hard way = I'd been coughing blood last time when I was very weak, for a few months, and then I suddenly rationalised that my body is too weak to work with the herbs. Then I used half a year experimenting with food and cooking styles to rebuild my health again.

No one in my family knows about my blood coughing episode, 'cos I don't want my dear brother to kidnap me to the hospital for a battery of tests and then a whole load of western medicine pump into my body, which I know will surely be my end.

My health was so poor then that a bout of cold will see blood in my snot and phlegm till I recover. And it could be 3 weeks.

Yes, TCM isn't scientific to many people, but I talk about results. If the results are good, that's all it matters. Furthermore, the herbal and food strategies involved no exotic or endangered plants and animals.

It's even easier than we think.

"How's that possible?"

The TCM system survived for at least 5000 years isn't without its superior merits. However, whether we managed to find a TCM doctor as good as the ancient system, is really a roulette of luck.

If you'd like to try, you can bank on me, with Infinite Qigong + food + TCM strategy, your good health is assured with a money-back guarantee.  But I'll need your utmost cooperation to see results. :)