Sex + Health

Student came for class yesterday and had a talk with me after it.

He said that the old TCM doctor told him to "stop for a while with his wife". "Ah, I get him," I said.

"He said stop till I recover."



For people with serious Qi deficiency = general weakness in kidney Yang and/or Yin, stopping sex life is critical for recovery.

Our body's Yang Fire and Yin Water are created and stored in our kidneys, when we're struck with a deficiency of either or both, sex life will further deplete them + impede the recovery.

When we have sex, our kidneys' Yang Fire and Yin Water are activated for the deed to be carried out successfully:

Erection of the penis --> ejaculation

Lubrication of the virgina --> orgasm

Libido (feeling for sex)

These exhaust alot of resources in our body to be carried out.

Do we remember that Western science said having sex burn alot of calories? By working on the ideology on the same plane, it means our energies are burned for the deed to be done.

And that energies = Yang Fire + Yin Water.

A healthy individual have a healthy sex appetite and sex life, an unhealthy one swings into 2 extremes:

No libido

Overwhelming libido

We can understand the no libido bit when we're unhealthy, but the overwhelming one? Yes.

The symptoms of an unhealthy person often exhibit extremes = either end of the line. Hypotension and hypertension shows almost the same symptoms on the body too.

Having too much or too little sex cause issues in our physical and mental health.

For most Chinese, we understand the bit of having too much bed fun, but those who don't have a sex life? Yes.

People who lead a life without sex at all risk having poor emotions, overall health and dulled mind, as regulated sex improves Qi and blood flow, which in turn, improves our mood and physical health.

** Those who are on the right spiritual practise (修炼) are spared as they know how to regulate their libido, Qi and blood on their own. It includes some 功法 = traditional exercises.

Our body's sign of health lies in the middle path = not too much or little, either part of the line = something is wrong. So when we realized we're on the either extreme, it's time we seek medical help.

Which I'd definitely say TCM.

In the Chinese health philosophy (养生), sex life should decrease as we age to maintain the equilibrium of our body's resources.

In our 40s = once a month.

In our 50s = once every 2 months.

In our 60s = once every 3 months.

This includes masturbation = where ejaculations are involved for men and women.

** Singles should allow their body to masturbate following the frequency listed up there.

How about those in their 30s? 2x a month.

"God! Life would be so sad!" Did I hear? :P

In Karma sutra + certain ancient Taoism text on health, sex isn't something for procreation and a fast route to short happiness.

Sex is part of the route, for the average people, to be in certain bliss.

Even when we have few sex a month, a rich and fulfilling sex with your loved one activates our endocrine to create Happy Hormones through the body, and this state of happiness can last for days.

In sex, we should look for connection + understanding between 2 souls, take time to explore each others' bodies and hotspots, taking turns to fulfill each other.

When done slowly and correctly, having sex with your loved one takes 2-3 hours, leaving both satisfied, happy and the right conditions for a deep sleep.

Not exhausted and plonk down to sleep. Hahahahahaha.

Doesn't it seems, that our ancient Asian forefathers know more about sex than our Western counterparts? :P

Dig out those ancient texts, read with an open mind (keep your libido at bay first!) and you shall understand. :)