The True Face Of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure (HBP) is one of the health issues most easily gotten by city people these days, and we all know this.  But what we don't know is, it's an issue that's very closely linked to emotions and stress, not food.

Below is the WhatsApp chat with my student who has HBP, have a read.

He likes to exercise, but still overweight and his job is an IT manager of a large company, a role that's firefighting for the internal and external stakeholders every single day.

Even in weekends, he has to deal with work emails and WhatsApp chats.  This is how stressful his work is, this is why his lying down + deep-breathing relaxed position brings his BP to the near normal range against the sitting position, which is the most common position to work that the body registers.

A working person of such work nature will naturally (pun, sorry) be very stressed, the mind and heart are tuned to work every single minute, without respite even if he's taking a vacation.  In the long run, this cause the body to be at a constant tension and...

HBP comes.

All businessmen, executives of middle-senior to senior management, and executives who must handle fire-fighting situations 24-7, 365 days definitely get HBP, and in time to come, high blood sugar follows.

A body that's under constant stress will break down bit by bit, it's exacerbated with Western exercises.  And this student of mine loves Western exercises, he came to Infinite Qigong because he has no solutions for his multiple health issues that're getting serious by the day.

I'll always say Western exercises are bad for health.  Why?

It's a stress-based, pushing our body beyond limits exercise that's (some are) very harmful to the major joints.  I never advocate Western exercises, even planking.  Some modern Yoga and Pilates are veering towards the Western exercise style.

This is very bad for the city people.

This is why all forms of Chinese exercises (except martial arts, which is for defensive + attacking purposes) are slow by nature, because the ancient wise sages already know humans have a thirst for speed and impatience that'll breakdown their health.  Modern people without proper introductions to ancient Chinese wisdom for medicine and health, cannot fathom how wise they are.

Coming back, we're already having work + family + Life stress from all over in the world, we add on the burden of our body with impactful + stressful Western exercises that's educating us to excel and win - This either kills us suddenly, or, render us to bed of lifetime dependence on drugs and wheelchair eventually.

Why should we do exercises to bring harm to our joints?  To win when we get nothing but ego in return?  To get ourselves all sweaty and tired at the end of it all?  To exhaust our body nutrients for nothing?  Why?

We're already seeing more and more supposedly super healthy amateur sportsmen dropping dead in the news, there'll be more if we don't understand how our body actually works according to ancient Chinese wisdom.

HBP is an health issue that's entirely linked to stress and emotions (when we're stressed, our emotions suffer), not so much on food.  Modern people's body break down these days via stress first, then comes food.  Because our body has a natural ability to remove bad food introduced to our body, but stress caused it to weaken, thus unable to do the job.

It's so simple.

Some may not end up with HBP, but they've other issues e.g Fertility issues, Sleep issues, Appetite issues, Pain of any sorts etc.  The list is endless.

Pollution doesn't come into the Singapore picture, because as a city, we're faring not bad at all.  So I'm leaving pollution out of the picture.  Other cities will have pollution-induced health issues, which I'll not cover here.

So, to round up this article, work and life stress + induced body stress via exercises gives HBP.  Now, does that mean we don't work to make money and exercise at all?

Oh nonono.  Not at all.  There're smarter ways to cook chicken rice, far smarter ways to skin the cat.

1.  Don't read emails or contact your staff at all after work, so our mind is really off-work.  There'll always be fires to fight, as long as it's not at your door, don't care till tomorrow's official work time.

2.  Have vacations but tell your boss that you'll not respond to any work email or phone calls.  The company can burn for all you care, just don't let your boss and/or client know.  I mean, come on, how much are you paid a year to sacrifice your vacation mood too?  The CEO has 50 Ferrari, did he gave you one?  I'm not telling you to skive, I'm telling you not to sell your body and soul to a company/reporting boss that doesn't care for your health.

3.  Give your reporting staff a break = give yourself a break, the company doesn't belong to you + you've no major shares in the company + you'll not inherit the company, please don't slave-drive yourself and your staff.  Everyone will make even more mistakes when we slave-drive and have a deep fear for imperfections.  You'll only earn a horribly rotten bad name to your grave at the end of it all.  Lovely, ain't it?

4.  Do only slow, non-impacting Chinese exercise, ditch Western exercise altogether.  Even yoga or pilates classes that are not sloooooow and relaxing at all.

5.  Re-train your mind to let go of stress - You can't help by thinking ahead and/or too much, you can't help by thinking of the past, you cannot pre-empt anything in life, just do what you can now in your bestest best and respond to things accordingly.

When we can compartmentalise our emotions and mind for our life, we simplify many things, our brain become sharper and sharper, without sacrificing our health.

Many people have the wrong ideal that we must CONSTANTLY use our brain to make it smart.  I've one question - Have we ever seen a car constantly running 24-7, 365 days without overheating and breaking down in the middle of the road?

Even without 24-7, 365 days of using the car, it already would breakdown with just high usage on the road already.  What more humans?

There we go, you've the answer.  :)

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