Why Do We Age?

Science has been looking for a solution to everlasting life, but thousands years ago, the Chinese already knew the answer...

How do we know that the Chinese already knew the answer?

  • Longevity has been famous in rural villages of China
  • The oldest living emperor of China hailed from Qing Dynasty = Qianlong = 89 years old
  • Good and authentic Taijiquan + Qigong practitioners lived to an average of 200 years old

Now to answer the question of this post title, why do we age and then die?

All of us are borne with 100% of Yin and Yang energies, as we grow old, we deplete them till the time comes that we die = 0% left of Yin and Yang energies causing natural old-age death.

Now by right, all of us should start to feel aches and pains in late middle age, but it's happening earlier and earlier now, why?

What cause us to age faster than before?

  1. Improper diet and lifestyle from toddlerhood
  2. Over stressing the mind, body and spirit
  3.  Over or under nourishment
  4.  Poor lifestyle + eating habits
  5.  Unsuitable or too little exercise

Amongst the above, stress is the biggest issue to how our body age, along with polluted food sources and water.  Next come how we indulge in chemical food e.g potato chips, soft drinks, snacks etc.

These are poisoning our body left right center daily, hence we age faster and deteriorate more than our ancestors.  Remember how our great grandparents can go down the fields to do work still, but our parents or grandparents are in nursing homes?

When we subject our body to all these tangible and intangible bombardments, our organs will be deprived of proper healthy Qi and blood.  As time goes, maybe we won't die due to medical advancements, but we suffer horribly before we do.

How do these take place + happen?

  1.  When eaten the wrong food + wrong lifestyle + high stress
  2.  Our body is bombed with loads and loads of internal and external chemicals
  3.  These age our body significantly
  4.  Even when our body can detox itself, consistent bombings will impair the detox functions by and by
  5.  Then we start to feel sluggish
  6.  Then we start to get coughs, colds flus more, or aches here and there
  7.  Then our temper start to dive
  8.  Then our sleep and libido get affected
  9.  Everything spiral down from there

Some people start finding their health fail from age 40-45, but the trend is getting younger these days.  I've seen more and more people at 35 years old succumb to serious chronic illnesses recently.

I found out that some of them have utterly poor habits caused by parents when they were very young:

  • Late sleep from toddlerhood
  • Wrong diet from toddlerhood
  • Extreme diet (too much veggies or meat) from toddlerhood

These cause our body's naturally 100% sufficient Yin and Yang energies to deplete at a much faster rate than normal humans = they succumb to illnesses earlier than they should.  Many of them suffer horrible chronic issues and have to endure pain and aches for life.

And no Western medicine have a cure for them.

In my classes, I strive to help my students relax by chatting with them or making them laugh before we do the real thing.

My famous motto to them = When you can really relax, can your body truly heal.

When we relax, our muscles + tendons relaxes, this allows the Qi and blood to flow better.  When we can relax at the right times, with the right food intake + my Qigong, they will help health healing far faster than anything.

Western medicine also prescribe good moods and rest to heal and illness, this absolutely aligned with the ancient Chinese health wisdom.

Next comes overhauling the diet to repair the internal organs, tendons, muscles, Qi and blood to bring them to reasonable health.  When all these are done, recovery of their horrible chronic illness is done.

However, they'll need to be very strict with their diet and lifestyle so the horrible chronic illnesses do not revisit in their lifetime.  It's only a very small sacrifice to make to have a feeling of good health and well-being.

For me myself, I don't like the idea of living to 200 years old.

I don't like the idea of seeing my loved ones off in funerals and leaving myself to mourn and wallow in loneliness. As we age, we prefer old friends more and more, not that we don't want to make friends, but there's a certain chemistry with old ones.

But I like the idea of aging healthily, gracefully, happily.

This is why I go into a strategy of Qigong, diet, lifestyle, healthy hobby and imparting these to you all.

As modern people, we know it's easy to die, but difficult to survive in poor health. Even with a good insurance backup, the suffering in poor health and implicating the loved ones to sacrifice for us is painful.

I don't want that to happen to me, as much as I can.

This is why the knowledge of aging rightly, healthily and happily is so important, I really appreciate students who learn Qigong from me when they're healthy and young.

Because it means they're astute enough to plan far ahead in the future, and I hope you would too, because it's not for me but for you and your family.  :)