Tormented. By The Mind.

A small percentage of my students are tormented by an unknown that exist in their body.

The mind.

Most of the sufferers are women, 1 or 2 are men. And this fulfills the statistics of women being more of a complex animal = they think.

Me, myself, as a women, I echo the same issue. But reality and the grace of the Higher Powers above, made me realize a few very important things.

1. There's no way we can out think an issue.
2. Life has too much changes to pre-empt anything.

Problems need solutions, not more thinking. By solution = action(s).

If we're sad, more thinking + dwelling into it won't help the situation. If we're angry or suspicious, the answer is the same.

It's not rhetoric, it's rational.

Whenever we caught ourselves thinking for things that can't be helped, stop it. Tell ourselves this.

By and by, with persistence, the new pattern will set in, the brain will concede. This is called neuro-linguistic programming = NLP.

I learned about this in the mid 90s, it was fresh and novel, but I've no money to take the course. Then I started reading about it, thankfully, my brain is good enough to learn from reading on its own.

I started to grasp the meaning of NLP, and used it meaningfully since.

And then, Life.

Life is an ever-changing thing, it's dynamic and sometimes willful. Hardly anyone can catch Life by its collar and make it yield to us.

I think no one has ever done it since antiquity, at least, not me.

I've written a Chinese post earlier, that Life has never been kind to my wants and wishes. Everything I want, I'm never given, no matter how hard I work on it.

But it's exactly from this that I learn to go with the Flow. Yes, Life has a flow.

The flow is something we cannot anticipate, we cannot calculate, even with Big Data right now. I don't think Big Data can beat Life to its whims and fancy.

And its iron will.

I've learned from my youth, that towards Life, it's better to listen and work with it. Not against it. We'd never win.

Life always win.

However, once I acknowledge that, and learn along the way what Life wants me to learn, I realized it has purposeful intentions with its iron fists.

And it's all for our good.

Life is never wrong, don't try to beat it. :)