When Exercise Kills

My student just Whatsapp-ed me of his little girl's classmate daddy died while jogging near their new apartment.  He was just 40+ years old.

We've been hearing more and more of such recently.  Why?

To keep things simple, I'll run down in point form:

  • Over-stressing the heart via Western-styled exercises
  • Food grown with chemicals + general pollution
  • Stress from work, family + self

Of the above, I find people's deepening fascination for Western style exercises very disturbing.  Let's break everything down and you'll understand.

  1.  I'm already tired from work
  2.  I go to the gym or jog outside
  3.  I've the adrenaline rush
  4.  I feel good
  5.  I sleep well due to the sheer tiredness of it
  6.  I do this again into some form of addiction
  7.  I collapse 1 day from exhaustion-induced heart attack, or a stroke
  8.  I may die, I may not
  9.  But my life is definitely different from then on

The Chinese philosophy of good health never insist such competitive nature of exercises, it educate us to exercise to motivate relaxation, deep slow breathing, calming the mind down.

When all these are achieved, it's impossible not to be healthy.

"But then I can't tone my muscles!"

I can prove you with my muscles, and my students (those who practice daily) that our muscles are toned. Qigong can give toned muscles, burn fat and give one a great body.  By how?

  1.  Once relaxation is achieved, our Qi + blood flows 100% well
  2.  When body is doing the Qigong exercise, it reinvigorate the muscle cells
  3.  As the muscles reinvigorate, it toughens up and rebuild itself = toning
  4.  Good health + good muscles resulted

** Not those Arnold Schwarzenegger kind of muscles ahhh, but toned, non-flabby, able to flex into somewhat a stone muscle horrrrr.  Must say first, in case anyone says I bluff people.  :D

Western style exercises kills, by making heart, tendons, muscles more stressed than ever to achieve what we want.  The super fast paced (no longer fast paced already) life now kills us easier and faster, due to stress on our organs, tendons, blood, brain, Qi etc.

If we don't know how to handle Life now, we'll be killed by our folly with the wrong notion of health.

I worked in a gym before, I've seen people age the more they exercise a week.

My student was a gym rat, he found himself more and more breathless as he hits the gym 2x - 3x a week, that's why he registered for the Qigong class.  He cannot understand why the more he exercises, the more terrible he feels.

Another student of mine went for Zumba and other cardio exercises in the gym weekly, she can't even climb a few stairs without getting breathless, and she's only 30+ years old.

Aren't the facts stark enough to make us wonder why?

Let me reiterate, heavy western-styled exercises kill more than it saves people, exactly because it stress our mind and/or our flesh far too much.

Such sudden deaths while exercising or during sleep will happen more and more, if we don't sit up and rationalize why.

I know what's wrong with the modern life, that's why I'm here to help, and writes so much every week to get the education going.  :)


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