Belly Breathing?

In the Qigong trial class today, the attendants asked why some teachers teach belly breathing, to which I said is wrong.

We should use lungs breathing.

I asked, do you notice those teachers or masters teaching belly breathing have a big tummy?

And that some of these masters or teachers insisted that babies use belly to breath as theory. I said, are you aware that all babies have big and/or bloated tummy and gas issues?

Both are parents and exclaimed, "Oh yes!"

This is the harm belly breathing brings.

Babies do belly breathing because they're used to getting oxygen this way in the womb, when they're out, they need time to accustom to lungs breathing. Hence the always gassy belly breathing.

When they start to grow up, used to lung breathing, their bloated + gassy gastric issue almost disappear. Their big tummy also went away.

Do we finally see the sense that belly breathing is wrong now? smile emoticon

However, on side note, super accomplished meditation practitioners use belly breathing in advanced stage of their practice without issues. There's a proper route to reach the stage, not to be tested and tried by untrained individual.

As long as we see anyone practice Taijiquan, Qigong, meditation, yoga etc having a visible belly, we can be almost sure that they practice belly breathing incorrectly, or have internal health issues. :)