What Is Qi + Blood Flow?

In many of my Qigong videos, I repeatedly mention "improving Qi + blood flow", but what exactly is this?

In ancient TCM philosophy, our health goes down when our Qi + blood flow are not at their optimal. The purpose of optimized Qi + blood flow do the following for us:

Good metabolic rate, energy, productivity
Good stress management, appetite
Little to no aches, pains, numbs, pins + needles
Good sleep, immunity.
Balanced sex life.

How do optimized Qi + blood flow work?

By bringing nutrients to all of our organs, tendons, muscles etc, for our system to run smoothly, by bringing oxygen to these areas too. Poor flow = accumulated dead cell debris in our system.

A body with dead cells debris, when accumulated long + large enough spells illnesses. Think potholes or traffic jam or traffic accidents on the highway.

Our body system is the highway = needs to be smooth flowing.

Potholes or traffic jams or traffic accidents = things that cause our Qi + blood flow to get stagnated. Do you feel frustrated trapped in a traffic jam? There we go.  :)

When Qi + blood cannot flow well, debris build up. And when these happen long + large enough, our body erupt illnesses within the system to give us signals that it needs help.

Some are chronic issues e.g insomnia, aches, pains, pins + needles, poor appetite, low sex drive etc. Some erupt into cancers, heart attacks, strokes etc.

Now, how do we improve our Qi + blood flow?

By proper diet (to our body constitution + life requirements)
By proper rest
By proper exercise
By balanced mentality

We're swamped by the avalanche of information about health all around, especially online media these days. Which of these actually suit us?

This is where my job comes in.

I'll assess your situation individually, and advise what to do to improve your health fast. By fast = see improvement by 1 month.

This is how fast health improves with me, because I advise a complete strategy. Because health and successes in Life don't rely on just 1 factor to happen.

A perfect dish, relies on the main and sub ingredients, plus the seasonings and cooking method to make it perfect. This is the same to health.

For health, the main and sub ingredients = the food we eat. The seasonings = the rest we give our body and mind. The cooking method is the exercise.

Lastly, how we want the perfect dish to taste (everyone's "perfect" is different), is our mentality. I'll advise on this too, students are welcome to ask me on Life issues to help them cross their hurdles.

But to help you, you must help me.

By sharing your lifestyle, pain-points and willing to work with me wholeheartedly to put the changes into your Life from my advise to see effects.

When we want positive changes in our life, we need to put the right actions on it. I'll advise the full strategy to change your life to be better, you're the only one who can execute it.

People who have double-cancers, 20-year chronic illnesses found light in Infinite Qigong. If they can, so can you.

When your health goes up, I'm not the one to thank, you're the biggest credit.

You're the one making it happen, I only pass you the keys to it.  :)

Join my class now, change your Life, achieve what you want with your body. Healthily, easily.