My New Book - "The Tao of Perfect Parenting By Very Imperfect Parents" Is Available For Purchase

This book shares my 39 years of understanding how my parents pulled us out of poverty, from a 600sqft flat to a 1400sqft one.  How they educate us 3 kids to be where we are now, along with what I'd learned first hand from my multi-millionaires and well-paying high level executives clients to have a good life.

If not a successful one.

Below are the preview of more than 15 pages of my new book, of different chapters, to help you decide if you want to purchase.  This book is great for the following people:

  • Parents at any stage of parenting
  • The despaired, frustrated and the lost
  • Aspiring youths and career-making middle age people
  • Aspiring business people
  • The curious
  • Anyone who wants stability or success in Life.  

Book purchase details at the bottom of these 15 pages preview.  Enjoy.  :)

Content Page

Content Page, part 2

Philosophy of Chasing A Grand Dream

Philosophy of Job

Philosophy of Self

Philosophy of Love

Philosophy of Diet & Lifestyle

Philosophy of Money

Philosophy of Education & Discipline

23 Keys To Last You for Life


Method Learning VS Spirits Learning

Don’t Be Afraid of Anything


The Art of Communication & Articulation

Giving Up

When All Else Fails

About The Author & Acknowledgements

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