Modern Backache, Knee Pain Issues

Many city people have backache very early these days, as much as 30 years old, and kneecap issues from 35 years old.  Why do we have these issues much earlier than our parents and grandparents era, and how should we deal with that?

"Is it even possible to deal with?"

Yes!  Definitely!  The only thing is how, which I'll explain here.

How we get Backache + Knee Pain

By a variety of combined reasons:

  • Aircon blowing at our direction
  • Extreme diet
  • Insufficient food
  • Injuries
  • Over-exercise
  • Over-work = exhaustion
  • Poor sleep quality and/or late sleepers

I'll now explain each issue.

Aircon blowing at our direction

Many office and house aircon are poorly designed to have aircon blowing at our direction constantly, in office, all we need to do is make sure we wear snugly to for cold and wind blocking.  

For the offices in Singapore with central aircon, I'll suggest wearing thermal wear internally plus a good wind-breaker that is wind proof.  This will ensure our core temperature being retained in our body and not be affected by the aircon draught.

Even if we don't feel cold with such draught, our body will breakdown one day because it's being constantly attacked by these wind.

At home, make sure that the aircon vent is always moving to dissipate the current.  Sleeping in aircon at night is important for our Singapore weather, just don't sleep lower than 27-degree Celsius. 

Extreme diet

Many people have extreme diet these days, eating to their fancy or to what they think is right because the media says so.

People who have too much plant food (veggies, fruits, soy beans etc), too much meat stuff (white or red meat), and/or those who love excessive spices (chilli, curry, western herbs etc), and/or who love excessive taste (too salty, too sweet) will create an unbalanced force in the body = backache and knee pain comes.

Spices, plants, and meat should be curbing each other to give benefits to our health, when any of them is excessive in our body, it becomes a devil bringing us health issues.

Some people tries to eat a balanced diet of all the groups up there, but because their body is already imbalanced from young, the balanced ratio is still imbalanced for their health.

Meaning, if I take too much meat/plants since young, eating the plant + meat + carbs in equal ratio is still unequal, it's too much meat or plant.  The daily ratio needs to be tweaked.

Insufficient food

Many people heeded the media of eating less to be healthy, causing them to be malnourished = backache and knee pain comes.

When we want to reduce our food intake, we need to reduce our brainwork, stress and physical activities.  All these exhaust resources in our body rapidly, if we don't eat enough for our daily needs, our body will break apart = backache + knee pains.


Injuries sustained from youth will reemerge again in our middle age, many people in their youth think as long as a bump/knock/fall etc don't pain a few days later, it means it's ok already.

We couldn't be more wrong.

Pain being away doesn't mean it's healed, it can mean the issue gone deeper into our tissues and take root.  I've seen many athletes in my students who have 20-year old injuries from their school sports days.


Many for the sake of health, hit the gym or jogging route a few times a week, that's after their very busy and stressful work.  Exercise is good, but excessive exercise harms more than good.

How do we know we've over exercise?

Within 5 years, if we find ourselves getting tired easier and easier, having more and more pains in body, breathless easier and easier = yes, we've over-exercise.  Now, will rest from exercise resolve everything?

In my experience with 300 people so far, unfortunately, no.

As we age, our body's ability to repair itself via rest dwindles, and in a busy Singapore, most of us don't have proper rest.

By resting from over exercise till our health breaks apart, we need to stop work for a while, be stress free, eat well and sleep well.  This is out of question for most of us because we've bills to pay and a family to support.

Hence, the right TCM herbs + right food + Infinite Qigong comes into play.  Then, rest in all weekends, don't go to crowded places and nap correctly.


The meaning of overwork = lots of deadlines + tight deadlines + working till 10pm + going to work at 7am.

These stresses out our body at breakneck speed, and in my experience with Directors and high level executive students, their body starts to break apart from 35 years old.  Some of them have heart attacks/stroke/cancer at 40 years old (I got heart attack at 35), and their life completely ruined thereafter. 

Before heart attack, stroke and cancer comes, these people often have either backache or knee pain or both, there can be other pains too.  These are very important signals for bigger things to come.

Before my heart attack, I'd BOTH horrible backache and knee pain.

Poor sleep quality and/or late sleepers

Many people chase after China or Korean drama series daily as a form of destress after work, they often watch till 1am - 2am at night, then tries to catch up their sleep in the weekends via naps.

This is the wrong strategy to catch up sleep, by right, we should sleep at 11.30pm, and catch up our favourite drama series in the weekend.  Time is tight, yes, but everyone from rich to poor have only 24 hours a day, everyone is treated fairly with time.

If we don't sleep by 11.30pm, our liver will start to be inflamed, but as our liver is a great regenerative organ, it can recover itself easily if we only sleep at 12am once a month.

When we sleep at or after 12am two to three times a week, the liver will start to be impaired, it wouldn't be able to repair itself because it's been punched too many times by us.

For poor sleepers, they sleep at 11.30pm but wake up multiple times at night, or have very light sleep, or needs to wake up to pee.  Such quality of sleep harms the body in long run too.

Poor sleep quality have different roots and we need to unroot them accordingly, writing here will take too much space and bore you out.

In short, backache and knee pain stemmed from a variety of issues and I've 90% success rate at curing them with food strategy, Chinese herbal soups and Infinite Qigong.

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