What Is Infinite Qigong®

I was asked this question, "What Qigong do you teach? How is it good?"

I'll be very honest and upfront = the Qigong I teach is the best of all sects, for the modern people like you and me.

Why is this important?

Let's consider this, even for 50 years ago, we've no Internet, no magazines, no smartphones, far less buildings, not even pagers, less people, more greenery, mostly organic food.

What does that mean?

It means we're less stressed, we go home be with our family and the day has ended. The old Qigong styles are good for the times then. But not now.

Now, we exercise less, have far more stress, work till 12am, money is tight, loads of chemicals in food + air + water, too much information all around.

It means we're too stretched out, too tired, too stressed, too distracted. The old Qigong style would be too tiring and too tedious to learn for the middle-aged you and me.

Didn't we notice that Qigong practitioners are mostly the retired and rich businessmen whose businesses are already on track? What do they have in common?


They have the luxury of time that the middle-aged career people don't for their health. And we cannot wait till retirement to build our health.

More and more middle-aged people died or are immobilized for life from heart attacks, strokes, cancer, kidney failure etc. These kill their financial sources, upset family life and not to say their dreams and aspirations.

After my study of all the biggest sects in Qigong, this is my conclusion = ancient Qigong must change to help modern people. And I changed it.

Does it work? It does.

We no longer need to practise 1-2 hours daily to see effects.
We no longer need to wake up in the wee mornings to practice.
We no longer need to wait for 2-3 months to see initial effects.


Because I've good foundation in 修炼 + good knowledge in ancient Chinese health philosophies + good foundation in modern science = I'm able to relate all these information for a good exercise solution.

And that is Infinite Qigong®.

Is my Infinite Qigong® a miraculous cure-all?

From my extensive study all these years, in science and ancient Chinese health philosophies, no, it doesn't. It needs other elements to be in place to help it happen.

Dietary balance (meat + veggies).
Exercise (Infinite Qigong®)
Perceptional changes (reduce stress + frustrations)

These are the Golden Triangle to health.

For those who have chronic illnesses, TCM is needed to regain the balance faster so the suffering stops, and kick start the body system recovery fast.

I'm effectively bilingual, I come from a family (siblings + in-law) of science professionals (doctors and PhDs), I read extensively daily.

So I know, and started Infinite Qigong®, and those who followed what I teach will definitely see effects.

Because my health was turned around this way. :)