Western Food Fads

This was a food show from the cable TV.

USA, a steakhouse. 
300gm beef cooked in 250gm butter. 
Potatoes soaked in duck fat. 
Said potatoes fried in duck fat. 
Said fried potatoes has garlic butter dip.
Small round of spinach made in cheese.

And then, there's a cream based dessert.

My dear people, how much oil and fat are in 1 plate of decadent meal? I wouldn't dare to calculate, just thinking of it sends my cholesterol level sky high.

This is why USA needs loads super health fruits diet, raw and throw in lots of veggies.

It's to balance the whole load of animal fats in their system!

Asian dietary habit never ever ingest this amount of animal fat in any one meal, this amount of fats is normal taken in 5 days for a family of 3-4.

This is why, the so-called healthy diet from USA is needful and essential to balance their unhealthy diet. But come our Asian one, it's too much vegetables for our already BALANCED diet!

This is why there're so much digestion issues with the USA healthy diet in Asians now, there're simply too much fiber and plants in our system.

When we want to follow any health fad, we must look at why it was created in the first place.