Rheumatism? Me?

Many of us would have hear this frequently, that elderly or those from 50 years old on having rheumatism.

But do you know that people as young as 13 years old are suffering from rheumatism now?

How do rheumatism comes about?

Generally, rheumatism comes from external + internal factors = living in an environment of high humidity (which is Singapore) + gastric and spleen attacked by dampness via stress, food and lifestyle.

When our body is attacked both ways, rheumatism sets in.

The well-heeled would find that our newly washed hair dry very fast in low humidity countries e.g Australia, Japan etc. In Singapore, unless our hair is super short, we need the hair dryer to dry it fast.

This is due to the high air humidity we're marinating in.

When our skin and breathing system are exposed to long periods of high air humidity, the dampness get absorbed into our internal organs, this is how the first onset of rheumatism sets in.

Next, when our stress, food intake and lifestyle are imbalanced = high stress work + frivolous eating and drinking + late night sleeping = rheumatism sets in too.

This works by stressing our spleen and gastric long enough to impair them, reducing their abilities to work off excess dampness, causing the dampness to be trapped in the system.

In long run, the dampness travels either downwards or upwards to affect our health.

Downwards = lower backache, knee ache, toes aches, snapping joints, tight tendons and/or muscles, lower body numbness etc.

Upwards = headache, shoulder ache, neck ache, upper backache, upper body numbness, tight muscles and/or joints etc.

As the physical sensations set in, we get more and more lethargic, our mind gets dulled, we feel heavier and heavier in our body etc.

We don't feel refreshed no matter how much we rest or sleep.

Coupled with our strong central aircon in shopping malls and offices, the dampness are further trapped in our body, with impaired ability to expel from our system.

Hence, the above ill sensations are felt younger and younger in us. As young as 13 years old.

What should we do about it?

Coming to my Infinite Qigong® classes, I'll teach you simple Qigong movements to improve the Qi and blood flow.

Next, I'll go through your body symptoms with you, helping you fine-tune your daily routine, food habits and lifestyle, to help your body readjust itself to health.

Finally, if needed, I'll write simple soup recipes for you to take to further speed up recovery.

Other Qigong classes take at least 3 months to see initial effects, if one is more diligent in practice, 1.5 months. This is too slow to me, I want my students to see effects in the 1st week. Why?

Because suffering is horrible, I want my students to stop suffering as soon as possible.

Hence I engage the all-round strategy to take down our health sufferings. And also because the feeling of good health is incredible, the freedom we regain in our life feels awesome.

The lightness in our body.

The sharpness in our mind.

The lightened mood.

The years lifted from our long, poor suffering souls.

The youth we regain.

Come for the new classes, and make a sustained, true difference in your Life. :)