Malnourishment In Singapore's Middle Class

A new student came to my Qigong class, and from the first look, I know she has very bad spleen functions = terrible eyebags + color of bruises on it.

After alot of questions that didn't point me to the root of her poor health, I asked about her job. She's working part-time but need to rush about sites, for lunch, she often grab an apple and eat on the go.

Bingo. She's severely malnourished. Why do I say that?

She swims a few times a week.
She does yoga.
She's always out and about for her part-time job.
She has to do housework.
She always find things to do to keep her body + mind busy.

She's severely malnourished with the following symptoms:

Poor sleep
Feeling cold easily
Pale face
Very thin + frail body

Dear People,

All of us have 24 hours a day, and when divided by 3, we need to have real meals every 8 hours.  8 hours is a long time to sustain throughout = we must eat real meals. Then what're real meals?

Carbs + animal protein (meat + egg) + seafood (fish and/or prawns etc) + veggies. The proportion should be equal for each category.

People who lead such active mind + lifestyle must eat THIS well. This was the mistake I made years ago, I didn't eat enough for "healthy" diet sake, there were lunches where I ate only a bowl of clam chowder and a bread roll for it.  There were times I had salad only without carbs.

And then I got a heart attack at age 35. Yes.

Some will say, "People in the past ate little and they're not malnourished!  We've so much food now, how is it possible that we're mal nourished?"

We cannot forget this:  In that long time ago, there weren't so much chemicals and antibiotics in our food, the water came from wells and springs, food of the past were PRISTINE.  Good food that are pristine naturally are naturally more bio-available than "factory food" now!

Anyone who is old enough and have lived in animal farms would know, pigs of the past have lots of fats, it's not the case now.  Why?

Because they were fed western drugs to prevent them from making the fats that they should naturally make in their body.  This is happening in organic pig farms too, because the consumers have been misled by the Western scientists that animal fats are bad.

** FDA just overthrown that having high cholesterol, eating eggs and butter don't necessarily lead to dire illnesses, one can google for the information in FDA websites and authentic medical journals.  Many Singapore doctors are still in the dark.

Our food now is not like the past, so unless we run our own farms or buy from farms with the right knowledge in us, we can never have the right food like our ancestors times.  Even the organic ones.

This is why modern city people, especially Singapore where we don't have our own agricultural resources are mostly malnourished.

Yes, I know some ladies will yell, "But I'll grow fat!"

Sufficient food never make us fat, insufficient body resources to burn the food into energy make us fat = lacking in Yin Fluids + Yang Fire in right proportions.

To put this simple for laymen, when our body's True Yin (blood) + True Yang (Qi) are insufficient + in wrong proportions, our body balance get thrown out of the window. And it exhibits its own crazy patterns.

Fat or thin
Hyper or hypo energy
Withdrawn emotions or bursting emotions

The list is endless, and this is affecting kids already.  Many kids these days are not naughty per se, they're malnourished, that's why they are hyperactive or sluggish.  They either cannot nap or sleep early at night, or they keep  complaining that they're tired.

Then what should we do?

Eat organic whenever possible (lesser chemicals are better than more)
Eat a wide variety of food (everything has their own unique properties good for us)
Animal fats are good for you (just don't binge)
Don't eat extreme tastes often (spicy, fried, sour, salty)
Learn how to cook the right way
Don't learn from Western dietary knowledge
Don't think too much
Rest as often as you can
Significantly reduce your screentime

If we feel hot in the tropical winter = something is wrong with our health. If we feel cold in the tropical summer = something is wrong with our health too.

Then it means we need to look into rebalancing our health with the most natural, ancient method.  I'll always say TCM and the Chinese 养生 philosophies as usual.

The modernization of Singapore has got to the point where we embrace everything American, and neglected to see the real wisdom of TCM + 养生.  This is why alot of us are falling into chronic illnesses, with more and more dire symptoms.

And the more we follow the American ways and ideologies to recover our health, the further we are away from it.