Perfectionists, Anxiety Ones & Worriers

In my experience with my Qigong students, I find that the ones with the most difficulties to heal (health issues), are those who have excess emotions.

Namely, perfectionists, anxiety ones and worriers.

They add on too much unnecessary stress to their system that cause the primary processor organs for food to be impaired. Or break down.

Those organs = spleen + gastric.

They are the first gates for food breakdown and absorption, if their functions are impaired, the rest of the body cannot receive nutrients to work properly.

When we're famished, we cannot walk, think well or even speak. We cannot carry out normal tasks, we only want food or sleep. Because sleep uses the least energy of all daily tasks.

When our spleen + gastric functions are down, no matter how much food we eat cannot be absorbed easily, they bypass the organs and out of the body as high nutrient poo.

"If our spleen + gastric can't absorb as well, isn't it right to eat more to increase the volume to absorb?"

Unfortunately, no.

Impaired spleen + gastric will weaken further if more food is poured in for it to process.

"Ok, so I eat less."

Unfortunately, no again.

Less food is starving them, causing them to spiral down further.

"OMG, then what should I do?"

Find ways to lighten the mind, I know such sufferers cannot control their thoughts. But this is a matter of life and death, as the spleen + gastric are pushed to the brink (their weakness will starve other organs = too little nutrients sent to them), our life will be in danger.

Talk to people, read inspiring books, watch comedies, watch cartoon, go to your fave park....Anything that stops the mind from wanting to do tasks, worry or fear.

Anything not strenuous to the mind + physical body.

In this period, eat more nutritious porridge and soups, they are already pre-broke down for the spleen + gastric to digest = best for the convalescing one.

"Ok, so does that mean I can just focus on eating porridge + soups for all of my life, to help my spleen and gastric to absorb better?"

Unfortunately, no again.

Porridge and soups don't provide enough bulk for the body to form poo. Aside that, their mass is low for body to be used for normal stress functions e.g rushing out projects, hiking, exercising etc.

They're good enough for the convalescing ones, but will fail normal daily routine terribly. Healthy people who have soups or porridge for meal will find themselves famished about 2-3 hours later.

Those who don't means the body is in bad shape = no appetite for a full meal of chewing veggies, animal protein and carbohydrates.

In short, people who are perfectionists, anxiety ones and worriers tend to have the deepest health problems, of the most difficulties to heal properly if they fall ill.

We must find every means and ways to retrain our mind not to be so = paradigm shifts for our mind.

I was such, and realized something about Life....

Our worries are on things that haven't happen, we're just scaring ourselves silly with monsters that are never there. Why do this?

Isn't it better to make the best of everything in our every present moment, and respond if it comes?

"We must be prepared for the unforeseen!"

The unforeseen, might arrive, it might not too. All we have to do, is visualize all the possible unforeseen incidents, make plans for it, then let go.

Let go, and continue with Life. Live our day as what we should, respond to things with our best possible knowledge.

"I'm worried that I can't respond with the best knowledge, so I must be prepared for it! I can't stop worrying!"

No human being is perfect, even Einstein. He failed many a times with his work before perfecting it, so we must allow failure in our lives.

Allow failures that we haven't repeated in the past.

Meaning, we just need to learn how and why we fail, pick ourselves up, move on so it wouldn't happen again. This is how we should learn Life.

"I'm worried that once I fail, I can never be good again!"

Many who worry this way, worries about death and the end of career leading to financial disasters. I think this way.

If things happen despite our best efforts to prevent it, it means it has to come, it's made to come. It's destined to come, fated to. If it's destined and fated to, what are we to prevent?

We're not God, we cannot prevent the inevitables. So.

We need to accept the inevitables with grace, magnanimity and an open heart. For we don't know what comes next might be actually good!

We fear for the unforeseen and the future, because we worry that it might turn out bad. But it can be, and might be good, you know?

Be a rational optimist = do your utmost best, let go, and hope for the best.

Because we can never live a good Life worrying or fearing ourselves to death. And when we die unwarranted deaths, the saddest people are the ones who love you.

If you don't want them to be sad for you, love yourself, open your vision field and horizon to a wider and bigger one, see Life with the right perspectives.

Heeding this advice would serve you well for the rest of your Life. :)