The Most Expensive Hotel Stay In The World

To students who procrastinate at changing their diet, lifestyle + practicing my Infinite Qigong, I tell them this story - the most expensive hotel stay in the world, in Singapore.

"What's the most expensive hotel stay in the world?"

Only 1 got it right.  It's the hospital room.

In Singapore, a stay in the hospital for any serious illness (heart disease, stroke, cancer etc) is at least SGD$10,000 a night.  The age group of people checking into the hospital for these illnesses are getting younger and younger.

For such "hotel stay", you get a single bed, small TV, yucky food and no bath-tub in the bathroom....This is the worst hotel stay ever!  Yet, this is the most expensive.

It costs our health with medicine.
It costs our wallet of hard-earned money.
It robs us of time to do the things with our loved ones.

And hospital stays of such nature doesn't stop at 1 day, normally, one stays for at least 4 days = SGD$40,000 of money.

It means I can have a great travelling trip in Taiwan alone for at least 3 months, eating the best food and seeing the best places.

Is changing our diet that difficult for health?
Is changing our lifestyle that difficult for health?
Is SGD$40,000 too little to save?


All it takes, is just some will + discipline, we've been eating our fave food that are bad for our health for at least 30 years, 30 long years.  We've had enough, it's not as if we've never had it before.

We can stop, it's time to stop.

And selling our body for the monthly salary isn't going to make your boss love you more, my dear friends.  There's no need to work in weekends if it's not absolutely critical.  Your boss isn't going to share his estate with you, my dear friends.

**  However, I'm not saying that we should skive at work!  I'm meaning, delivering our due diligence and leave all the stress and frustrations in office.  Don't bring any of these home, and try, not to bring work home.

A stay in the hospital is a torturing experience, it's horrible, waiting for reports to come out.  It's horrible to eat medicine + enduring the side effects.

To be ill and in the hospital, it bleeds our money and make us feel horrible.  Is that worth the money and time?  No.

4 day in the hospital = SGD$40,000 at least, for serious illnesses.

We can do alot with that money, we can have better use with that money.  Even if it's not for a great vacation, we can invest this sum for our future.

Or get some nice new furniture.
Or do some renovation in our house.
Or buy a nice gift for ourselves.

Using this money for the hospital is the most wasted avenue.

Just because we're unwilling to change our diet, lifestyle, and mind about our Life...

Please be healthy, please do.  :)