Murdering Our Kids Slowly

The boy is 26 years old, and by far, the youngest Qigong student I have since I started teaching years ago. His reason to join the class signals a very worrying trend with an even worrying root cause.

He has insomnia for years.

In my conversation with him, I asked him to trace when it all started.

"Computer games. I played alot of computer games, and like 1 fine day, I don't know how to sleep anymore."
"Because you feel yourself very tense and wild in the mind, yes?"

His condition is exacerbated by a working mom who never cook at home, not even slow cooker soups = he has been eating out all his life into his puberty years.

His action, facial expression, body language, gait, the way he speaks are of an anxious, jittery, highly wired person. All classic symptoms of too much computer gaming and malnutrition.

He has good grades in school, but confided that he feels his body is falling apart. He can't sleep, his memory is bad, he has bouts of "brain constipation" in class and projects.

"Brain constipation" = brain suddenly freezes, can't think, can't process information, can't proceed. The world spins while he froze.

Dear People,

Never ever think that eating out and cooking at home are the same. They're never the same.

99% of the hawkers have to use the cheapest ingredients + seasoning to make profit, please do not ever think that a $5 plate of cai-png ("veggie-rice") begets you the best cuts of meat and the best veggies. A tour in NTUC and Cold Storage, doing some simple calculations will tell you that.

Only top restaurants use better ingredients + seasoning. Why?

Because businesses are humans too, they need to profit, to survive (hawkers) and the profit must come from consumers, and that is us.

Dear People,

Never sacrifice your children's health and future by going the easy way out = tablet games etc at a very young age. You're murdering them silently and slowly.

Murder, you're murdering your so-called beloved kids.

That 26 year old boy is the class example of wrong parenting.

Yes, he comes from the low-income group, but being low income isn't an excuse. Because I grew up in a poor family too, money is very tight. But my mom always held her beliefs strong of what are the Musts, and what are the Shoulds.

The poorer we are, the more we should set rules and boundaries, know the lines not to cross, because we cannot afford to err.

The poorer we are, the more money should be spent on real food, right food, not necessary expensive food.

The poorer we are, the more we need to take care of our health to fight in the rat race to be out of poverty.

The poorer we are, the less excuse we must hold onto.

This is how my family survived being poor, moved from a 3-room flat straight to an 1300 sqft EA. We count every penny and put them all in the right places.

Dear parents,

Please don't murder your young kids silently anymore. Please wean them off computer games, make it into a rare reward, and have family time.

Please make at least slow cooker soups daily, it's so damn simple that a 10 year old can do it. Just dump every damn thing in, add hot boiling water, turn on the switch and sleep thru it. You will have soup next morning.

Dear people,

Please have the right priorities in life, you're the only solution to success or failure in life, please set the right foundation for yourself and your family.

Please, I implore you. Please.