Diabetes = No Carbo?

Many people think that with diabetes, we've to swear off carbohydrates ( = rice, wheat etc).  But many who do so have a few or all of the following issues:

  • Thirst
  • Tiredness
  • Bad breath
  • Heavier sweating
  • Sleep issues
  • Growling stomach
  • And more....

Why is that so?  Isn't carbohydrates bad?  Is rice bad?  What's diabetes?

Ah, let's understand what's diabetes first.

Diabetes, in TCM, is a kind of heat-related illness.  For most modern people the heat came from over-eating a combination of the following:

  • Pan-fried and/or deep fried food
  • Too much BBQ and/or grilled food
  • Too much meat
  • Too much alcohol
  • Too much dairy products
  • Too much confectionery
  • Too much chilli + spices
  • Too much modern snacks e.g potato chips, fried chicken wings etc

Many people love a combination of the above food, this cause a serious rout of heat build-up in the body system in the stomach and lungs, and in time to come = diabetes.

The next group that has diabetes are people of the opposite realm, too much raw vegetables, fruits and fish that the body hardly see 4-legged meat protein and fats, that cause the body to have diabetes.  Many vegetarians have diabetes.

**  Meat and its fats are lubricants to our body in suitable amounts.

In the TCM wisdom, white rice helps to nourish the Yin energy in the body, when we don't take white rice, our body will overheat.  Brown rice is actually frown upon, because it's difficult to digest for many people, and modern science has found that it has high phytic acid = impairs multi-mineral absorption in body.

**  Dismiss the arsenic theory in rice, it's urban legend.

I've been having good success with students who are diabetics now and having loads of physical issues including thirst, lethargy, sleep problems, digestion issues and etc, and found no solution with TCM doctors out there.

When we understand how they got their diabetes, more than half the battle is resolved = overhaul the diet.

"But I can't!  I love eating this way!"

There's free-will on earth, and even God wouldn't force anything upon us, we just need to choose what we want in Life = health or innumerable sufferings.

Diabetes is an illness which is super closely related to our diet, hence the overhaul is only sensible.  We cannot be drinking the best TCM brews on 1 hand, and then on the other, gnaw on a fried chicken wing.

We cannot have poison and have the antidote at the same time, while the load of the poison is still remaining in the body.  No amount of antidote can undo the effects of the poisoning.  You get my gist.  :)

Coming back, when we take out white rice in our diet, diabetics may see a lowered blood sugar, but they'll suffer from other effects of diabetes = high thirst, lethargy, sleep issues, digestion issues etc.

So cutting out the rice isn't right, we must have rice, and normal rice at that.  What we should cut out, is wheat.  Wheat in TCM has some heat effects on the stomach system, and as diabetes is related to heat issues, wheat cannot be had.

However, before we get happy and start eating rice again, we must understand 1 thing - Diabetes is an illness that requires dietary overhaul + correct TCM brews to cure.


Yes, in TCM, anything can be cured, as long as the doctor is skillful enough with right diagnosing and good understanding in herbal use.  That's along with a cooperating patient, a patient who isn't too old or too serious into the illness, then yes, TCM can cure anything.

There are many diabetics who are cured by TCM, just that they went hush and didn't tell anyone.  But.

The diabetes will revisit if they revert to their food habits.  Now, why would this happen?

It's very simple.

When we recover from an illness, we're actually recovered from the symptoms, it doesn't mean we're healthy forever.  A longer period of rebuilding the body is needed to regain it's former glory = able to eat like normal people again with the same threshold for naughty food.

If we don't allow time + put in efforts to rebuild the body, we can be cured of the illness but we can never be healthy like others again = forever in the strict diet of no-nos to maintain the status quo.  Not that it's a bad thing, we've been abusing our health for so long, you know.

It's actually pay back time.  Life is very fair.

But let's not go into this yet, curing diabetes is the first thing we need to work on.  Let's not think too far and too much yet.  

You may find the resolution here with me.  :)