Resolving Constipation

Constipation is of the following:

  1.  Difficulties pooing in the toilet
  2.  Not feeling completion of emptying the poo
  3.  Erratic patterns of pooing routine
  4.  Hard or small stools
  5.  Accompanying belly bloatedness and/or pain

People often find themselves constipated in the following scenarios:

  1.  Pre-menstrual times
  2.  After delivery of baby
  3.  Long-formed dietary habits
  4.  Late nights
  5.  Stress
  6.  It just happens from youth
  7.  Extreme dietary changes

In the TCM perspective, the ability to poo smoothly has all to do with our large intestines + colon + rectum and the Lungs.  The lungs are the "brain" to command the large intestines to move the bowel.

When the Lungs functions are impeded, our poo business will be less than ideal.  Below are the possible scenarios that affect smooth functions of our poo:

  1.   Excess Lung Fire
  2.   Insufficient Lung Blood
  3.   Depletion or weakening of both Lung Fire and Blood

Excess Lung Fire

People of such nature often love heaty food e.g fried food, potato chips, fiery chili, alot of spices.  These food will increase the lung fire very easily and deplete the Lung Blood for normal bowel movements.

Alot of times, these people have piles without straining themselves to poo, the piles just come on their own.

Insufficient Lung Blood

In this case, it may not due to fiery, spice-filled or spicy diet that cause increased Lung Fire for the constipation, it can be due to malnourishment that cause the Lungs to be lack of the right fuel to get the bowels going.

Those who don't eat enough carbohydrates, animal protein and animal fats are the most easily affected by this issue.

Weakening of both Lung Fire and Blood

When the above 2 causes go on for a long time, the foundation of our Lungs will weaken and this causes long-term constipation without respite.  This issue requires meticulous and intelligent prescribing of herbs to rebuild the Lungs system.

Myth 1 - "I must poo every single day!"

Everybody's body (pun alert! :P) is different, even if we poo once every 2-3 days, it's ok as long as we don't have discomfort in any way.  Aside that, if we don't eat alot of food, there wouldn't be enough for poo material.

Input = output, what goes in = what goes out.

Ladies who purposely eat less for any reason cannot expect their body to be able to poo like when they eat normally.  If they do, they may feel weaker than before even if they achieved their aim.

Myth 2 - "Pooing 3x a day is good!"

Many people who poo 3x a day (or even 2) may see signs of an over-reactive stomach or intestinal activity i.e abit of chili and runs to the toilet etc.

By right, pooing once a day at a fixed time + in reasonable quantity according to how much we ate = healthy intestinal functions already.  More than once a day may indicate some issues that we may not know of.

Myth 3- "If I eat alot of fruits (or drink alot of water), I can poo, if I don't then I can't.  Fruits/water are good!"

By right, a reasonably healthy body should poo on its own without depending on anything.  If we can only poo after we take alot of fruits (or drink alot of water), it means there's something not very right with our health.

Normally, people who depends on alot of fruits/water to poo have a weakened spleen.  When the excessive fruit and water goes into our system, the spleen weakens and poo comes.  This is induced poo, not normal bowel habits.

People of such nature often exhibits the following accompanying symptoms:

  1.  Tiredness after pooing
  2.  Sweating during pooing
  3.  Cold limbs and soles of feet
  4.  Indigestion
  5.  Poor sleep quality and/or insomnia
  6.  Lethargy
  7.  And/or more

In extreme cases, any food or drink cannot induce successful, complete bowel movement anymore.  Only laxatives works.

Whether it's herbal or medicinal based laxatives, it will deplete our intestinal functions in time to come due to over-stimulation, the person depending on it will feel weaker and weaker by the day.  Then a host of other issues follows e.g Headaches, Extreme Tirednesses, Poor Appetite, Menstrual Issues, Temper Issues etc.

The good news is, with the right dietary strategy and TCM herbs, we can overturn the whole story.

For the excessive Lung Fire:

  1.  Stop all those heaty, spicy or spice-filled food in your daily diet for at least 1 year.
  2.  Take some Lung cooling herbs e.g 川贝,罗汉果,百合,沙参,浙贝母 etc
  3.  Stop late nights + all snacks (including nuts and seeds)

For the insufficient Lung Blood:

  1.  Ban all raw uncooked food i.e fruits, veggies, sushi
  2.  Eat more 淮山,莲子,芡实 those starch-based herbs
  3.  Increase intake of animal protein and fats (intestine depends on lubrication too)
  4.  Take some Lung Qi boosting herbs i.e 党参,当归、白术
  5.  Stop all late nights, alcohol and snacks e.g potato chips
  6.  Stop all Chinese desserts

For those whose Lung Fire and Blood are severely compromised and weakened, you may like to sign up for Infinite Qigong classes to let me help you personally.  Often, people of such nature have been suffering for years, addicted to laxatives to help bowel movements, and got poorer and poorer health.

This means the body is all weakened terribly without its natural ability to repair itself anymore.

My student's years of chronic constipation

A breakdown of her issue:

  1.  Years of erratic, unpredictable constipation
  2.  Depending on laxatives for her constipation
  3.  Stools hard and small
  4.  Have gotten piles from all the straining
  5.  Constant headaches and low appetite
  6.  Addicted/dependent on Extra Strength Panadol to relieve her bad daily headaches
  7.  Easily tired + anxious from doing housework and other routine 

She didn't report of this issue completely and in detail to me, hence I got the direction of the TCM prescription wrong i.e didn't see big effects on her case and the headaches.

After I understood the whole picture, the first prescription of TCM herbs finally see her poo smoothly in years without straining and gotten all the accumulated old poo out too.  Her headache reduced in intensity and she's now slowly weaning herself from the Extra Strength Panadol.

Aside that, I've introduced her a complete dietary strategy to overhaul her health, without her cooperation I cannot do any miracle for her.  I must thank her for completely trusting me to work together for great results.

Normal bowel movement is very important for our well-being, if we can't afford this for ourselves, we can suffer alot of consequences as we age.

Balance is the utmost goal in the TCM perspective to a reasonable healthy life, however, everyone has a different balance to maintain.  What works for A may not work for B, and what works for C can harm E.

It's very important to find our own balance and aim to balance it with activities, food and lifestyle best for us.

If you're unable to find the balance, feel free to join our Infinite Qigong family and let me help you.  You've all to gain and nothing to lose, because if I can't, I'll refund all your class fee.  :)