Pre + Post-Natal Blues/Depression

More and more women who are pregnant experience pre or post-natal blues/depression.  Why is this so?

In the TCM perspective, this is due to serious deficiency of blood from the spleen.

Pregnancy takes a huge toll on ladies' health, the baby derive all nutrients to grow from the mother.  The TCM perspectives is such that the spleen makes blood for the whole body, if the spleen is impaired = blood making will hit a terrible issue.

And during the delivery of the baby, different blood quantity is lost.

If the mother is already weak from spleen impairment, then child delivery would worsen the issue.

This is how pre or post natal blues/depression comes about.

Some women felt more anxiety or poor mood or worries after child delivery, it's the same blood issue due to seriously impaired spleen functions.

The way to get around this and regain former sanity, is to engage in nutritious diet of suitable animal protein, carbs and fats for the body to regain its full functions.  Then comes the psychological rebuilding.

To think less, worry less and breath.

I've helped a few mothers on these, in a full dietary strategy + Qigong + psychological rebuilding to great success.  Many are consistent daily nutritious soups for different body constitutions, and some require TCM herbal interventions.

But the psychological part is the most arduous to achieve, and the strongly determined mothers can overcome it. 

I really admire their determination to regain health for their kids and family.  It's entirely their credit to recover, I'm just there to open the doors for them.

I've nothing but applause for them.  Great work, mothers!  You all are the best!