Food = Medicine or Poison?

Food is thy medicine, and thy poison.

TCM, in the history of at least 6000 years, has emphasized relentlessly on how food can affect our health in the most positive or negative way. This is also why, a good + responsible TCM doctor would always advice their patients what to eat or not to, to improve recovery rate.

Modern Western medical system has almost no such education, often telling the patients to eat whatever they want. Well, except for alcohol and smoking. But they're not exactly food.

If we'd agree that food is what maketh us in body growth, then we need to accept that consequently, food also determine our state of health. Poor countries that lacks a stable government + economy means consistent amount of food for their people is lacking too.

What we see of the people in those countries are, stunted height + poorer learning abilities. This is the relationship food has to us.

However, 1 man's meat is another's poison.

We cannot follow blindly of "superfood" trends without first trying to understand how it works in our body. If we must try, for experience sake, we should observe carefully of the reactions it has to various aspects of our physical + mental health.

Sleep quality, skin tone, poo state, appetite, digestion state, mental alertness, joints flexibility etc.

So for the sake of our health + wellbeing, when a TCM doctor advised against or for any food, please heed the advice. The advice are not there to torment you, but for the sake of faster recovery and lose a patient.

Bad doctors want patients to keep coming back, good ones never want to see them again.

We've been enjoying the food we love for so long, it's time to enjoy the other spectrum of Life = the feelings of good health. And trust me that it's worth the journey.

I've been there and back.