Getting Health With Infinite Qigong

I'd wanted to write this in Mandarin, but I think it's good to reach more people.

Some of the visitors in the open house asked about different sects of Qigong, and I explained carefully of those that claimed to heal with their Qigong power.

Meaning, you can heal issues without lifestyle + dietary changes, and without medication.

It's very dangerous to think of healing in such a short cut way, as there isn't any short cut in illnesses recovery at all. If such therapy is meant to be on Earth, if it's in accordance to the way of God/Buddha/Allah, if it is any right, it would have long been a mainstream healing method.

But it hasn't been, right?

If our body is damaged (in varying degree) via wrong lifestyle and dietary habits, the way to correct it is, change + medication.

Change = steer ourselves to a life that is right for us.
Medication = repair damage and speed up recovery.

I've been mentioning the word "right" for our health, but what constitute right?

You feel energetic, balanced mood, sleeps + eat well, reasonable memory level, poo + pee well, healthy sex life (for those with partners), have some general interest in Life, optimal weight (with genes in mind).

These are right.

"But I can't leave my fave food/late nights of games or TV shows!"

Well, it's a matter of Life's Choices, we've been enjoying them for 20 years (at least), surely we've enough enjoyment from these? :)

"But I'm a vegan/vegetarian, I can't stand animal cruelty or change!"

If your health issue is due to going vegetarian/vegan, and you prefer to live better, we've to steer our perspectives towards eating in just enough proportions to sustain life, not more.

And be a benign citizen of the Earth.

Animals sacrifice their lives for us to be eaten, we should repay + pay it forward by being a right person for humanity = Do no harm and help others.

I've always been an animal lover + intrinsically a vegetable and fruits lover, but my health doesn't allow me to be so. The only way to change my mind about meat eating = change my perspectives on it.