Hereditary Issues + Qigong

Student has multiple hereditary issues, high blood pressure, diabetes and I think, cholesterol also. She has sciatica too.

When she came for the first class of Infinite Qigong, I felt very sorry for her. Her body built is obviously telling that she isn't healthy.

By the will of kismet, she has to miss 1 month of lessons but practices reasonably diligently + taking the Qi improving drink I recommended for her.

Today, finally we can have lesson again and she reported of the following:

Better appetite
Less breathlessness
Manageable blood pressure
Expelled old, black blood clots

Her bones are grown oddly different from most people, so I didn't recommend her the trusted bone therapist for her sciatica. I worry he may hurt her instead.

I explained this to her, that she'd need a bit more time with Qigong and food to deal with her sciatica. She's understandable this way.

Among the students who have hereditary issues, she makes the fastest progress.

I find people who are more positive, happy-go-lucky, accepting of their body issues + trusting of people often see better and faster results with Infinite Qigong.

I hope all my students will see the good of such personality and work towards it.