Is TCM Fundamentally Wrong?

Many think that TCM is clinically and empirically unproven, this is only limited to those who have little to nothing understanding about Chinese history + its culture. I'll be try to be succinct here.

China population has been largest in the world since civilization.
TCM has been with it since too.
The amount of China population was times larger than Europe or India's + USA combined.
Meaning, TCM has the largest sampling for its effectiveness.

On compound + attrition rate, TCM has experimented + worked on about 3.5 - 4 billion people since its civilization to now. Europe + USA population since civilization to now, about 2 billion combined, and modern Western medicine history is only....

Only 300 years.

Meaning, records of modern Western medicine in clinical and/or empirical studies has only exist for 300 years. Before that, they're using locale herbs like China.

How's that for TCM empirical sustainability?

While Western medicine view TCM as nonclinical, TCM view Western medicine as juvenile and wanton.

Example, current Western medicine has only 6 - 8 types of medicine for coughs (incl. antibiotics), while TCM has 35 - 40 different formulation for different root causes.

If anyone knows a teeny wee bit of Maths, 30 > 6, by its range has a better + higher hit rate than a narrow 6 - 8.

Thru history, China has the best (I'd say bestest) methods against epidemics = able to sustain a consistent growing population to be the strongest in the world. During the SARS + H1N1 etc period, China has the lowest death rate (to its population size) in the world.

And the fastest to recover without side effects.

Western medicine aims to cure symptoms and create vaccines, yet, the flu + various epidemic vaccines have proven to be useless. No? Where has H1N1 mutated to now? Google is your best friend.

TCM is wise enough through millennias to know that pathogens will change to adapt = catch + exterminate before they get the chance. With this wisdom, formulas for epidemics will change according to different permutations of pathogens and individual constitution.

And modern Western medicine is appallingly flippant at their findings for "superfood" and how some reacts to the body.

Coffee is good for you.
Oh no, it's not.
Oh, it is.
Oh wait wait, it isn't.
Ah, add butter and coffee is good.
Oh wait again....

For heaven's sake, you're a doctor, a PROFESSIONAL! Make up your mind!

In TCM, knowing 1 certain thing's characteristics, it's grouped with different herbs for different dynamics and synergy to reap the maximum benefits. No 1 herb is a cure-all, it's irresponsible for TCM to make such claims.

Everything is a group effort.

Lets not even go to the Western medicine love prolonging lives via machines rendering a human being to vegetative state, raping him/her of living dignity and integrity.

LKY wanted a fast death too, anyone whose health has failed to a point where they intrinsically know there's no return, wants a fast death. Not being tubed up by machines.

Only when 1 has been there knows.

Now what went wrong in TCM?

Like car mechanics, there're experts in BMW but not in Benz, expert in Suzuki but not in Mitsubishi. There're less than 10 TCM physicians thru history who are well-versed from Geely to Bentley. And I've not mentioned the supercars like Bugatti Veyron.

Thru history, I'm talking about at least 5000 years of China history.

TCM's unimaginable vastness, depth and complexity means only the most brilliant can handle the amount of information left by various TCM physician greats (thru 5000 years of history, at least 20 of them) to co-relate and use interchangeably with success and grace for every single patient.

Is there anything that TCM can't heal? Yes.

The human mind that refuse to change for the sake of health.

And that when Hades beckons, no physician in the world can change that will.