Loving Ourselves Proper

Our body is made up of bones, flesh, tendons, nerves, blood and to the Chinese, Qi too, right? Wrong.

We often forget 1 more thing = our intention, or also called the will.

Our body reacts to reflexes:

Low on energy = wants to eat = hunger.
Low on water = wants to drink = thirst.
Low on alertness = wants to rest = tired.

But there's another engine behind us that determines if we're hungry, thirsty or tired enough, or not enough. And this is our intention or will.

Many people these days are so distracted by the many requirements in Life = work, family, self, society, relationship etc, that we often "forget" our body.

Meaning, we lose the sensitivity to our body reflexes and needs. This is why many of us have chronic illnesses that erupt in our middle-age = young body is still strong enough to withstand abuse till wear and tear starts in our middle age.

And as our world progress with more and more processed food, and/or mothers getting more and more busy to cook nutritious, fresh food, our chronic illnesses or critical diseases strike us earlier and earlier.

This is to say, our body is being subjected to abuses from our intention and processed food because we value speed more than quality. We put ourselves last when we should know to say "no".

When I teach Qigong, I tried my best not to add stress to my students, I know how terribly strung up people are, despite them telling themselves to let go and relax. Singapore's dire lack of big nature land or water make things worst.

We've nowhere to unload things from Life and the city to Mother Nature and feel with one with Her again. With these, we must learn how to adjust ourselves so we can feel our body again.

Keep off as many electronic things as possible = YouTube, social media etc.

Learn to make nutritious soups with quality meat, veggie or herbs.

Learn to ban food unsuitable to your health and body.

Learn to give ourselves at least 15 minutes of Me Time in a room, away from all, just to relax, breath clearly again and don't attach to anything that comes to your mind. For religious ones, you can attach the image of your Supreme Being in your mind to help you.

Learn to go to our Botanic Gardens and get in touch with Nature.

** It's hot, and there're mosquitoes, but we can go early in the morning and wear herbal repellants. :)

Learn not to listen to loud, heavy or emotional songs or music.

When our mind is able to be inline with ourselves, we'll be able to relax more, in turn, able to feel our body better and deal with pains, aches, numbness etc early with good medical intervention.

I'd always recommend natural medicine.