Men's Issues


 Andro issues come from a few basic areas:

Poor nutrition

As men don't have the monthly cycle, their blood issues are considerably lesser than women. However, most men have an issue with Qi, for some, it can be both Qi + blood.

In TCM, Qi + blood are inter-linked very closely. If Qi is deficient, blood will be deficient too, and the vice versa holds true. And the origin of Qi, comes from the kidneys.

If the kidneys are weak, it'll affect the Qi processing organ = lungs. This is why guys can feel out of breath in their exhaustion, in more serious cases = 气胸 = sound radiated from the bronchi as if it's an echo.

Normally, minor 气胸 comes occasionally = you don't often hear it except for certain times when the muscles totally relaxes + you heave a big breath, you may catch it.

Now, before we talk about improving kidney functions or any function for men or women, we must clear any obstructions away first e.g damp or damp-heat or blood clots or phlegm clots etc.

These are called Evils in TCM.

If these physiological issues are not cleared first and we tonic our organ functions, we will trap these Evils in the body and create illnesses instead.

Example, damp-heat not get rid of successfully + tonic in = may erupt pus-filled rashes or chicken pox or HFMD etc. This is even more detrimental to our health as such outbreaks will compromise our immunity even further + deeper = better off not doing any tonic in the first place.

Guys normally over-exhaust themselves easily by these = porn, sex, masturbation.

Sometimes, it's not entirely that they're horny, but the kidneys are seriously weakened that the opposite resulted = libido. It's not entirely true that only the healthy + strong guys have high libido. This is recorded in ancient TCM texts, and I've seen 1 such case.

How to know of such case? High libido yet tires very easily + easily breathless + low sleep quality etc. Cases like these needs medical attention ASAP, as the kidneys will weaken as time goes and the person can die quite soon.

Now, lets say that you've been to a good TCM doctor, your state of well-being has improved, all Evils gone, how to maintain your manhood health?

Suitable intake of red meat and the internal organs = beef, mutton like 2x a month. These help kidney + liver health. Kidneys + liver are twins, both must be healthy for good reproductive organs health.

This goes the same for ladies.

Next, cinnamon.

Cinnamon is known since ancient times in China, India and Middle East that they're men's friends, they help the kidney to regain the fire in the system. BUT, too much cinnamon actually harms the body, only a slight sprinkle is good enough each time, once a week or every 2 weeks.

** Ladies, cinnamon is good for you too, but get damp or damp-heat or blood clots or phlegm clots etc. out of the way first.

Cinnamon is especially good for people who have cold hands + feet and eat a high plant based diet.

For those who are on high meat diet, you'd need to unclog the body pathways first and go on a more plant based diet. You cannot add on more meat.

Guys often have prostate issues as they age, frequent boiling of small dried figs water to eat and drink is good to clear it. Don't get the large ones, those are candied + sour. Not good.

All in all, get rid of the Evils in the system + eat a balanced diet + suitable exercise + don't over-exhaust yourself (you too, ladies) to improve your Qi and blood and you're good to go. smile emoticon

These are the minor, easy ways to improve your manhood health. If you've deeper issues, please go to the TCM doctor to balance the system first.