Qi Or Blood Stagnation (Stasis)

Many people when hear about Qi or blood stagnation (or stasis), their face would drop and fall.

There isn't much to fear Qi or blood stagnation, unless it has been building for years and years without clearing, and unless the emotional imbalance is too great.

What would Qi and blood stagnation lead to?

Tumor, artery inflammation, plaque in arteries, traveling or non-traveling blood clots etc. The end result of these are cancer, heart attack, stroke, internal haemorrhage.

How do we clear it?

By going to a good TCM doctor (I'm a fervent advocator of it) to help clear it up with the right herbs + suitable exercises that wouldn't stress our mind and body + lifestyle changes that includes dietary ones + perspective paradigm shifts + rest.

By going through these proper channels, we'd be able to clear them fast.

Yay, it's gone!

While it's gone and receiving a new lease of life, we must be cautious that it can return if we return to the old us.

What we can do to enjoy a reasonably sustainable state of health after clearing the issues, is to only engage the old us once in a blue moon = turn our old habits and lifestyle into a luxury to be enjoyed occasionally.

An occasional indulgence (like, once a month or every 2 months) cannot harm the body, as our system has its autopilot to clear debris off if any is sensed.

Only when it's overwhelmed by too much debris that they outstrip the body's ability to do its housekeeping, would then be the start of illnesses. :)