Unseen Poison In Preserved Food

Poison = Preserved salted veggie, Sichuan veggie, dong-chye, kimchi etc.

These traditional food that Chinese (and maybe some other races too, like how we like Nasi Lemak) love in their meals of comfort food are now mainly poisonous.

Let me share why.

In the honest past, they are processed the traditional way in huge ceramic vats + natural sun + seasalt = naturally healthy with good enzymes created in the fermenting process by Mother Nature + Time.

Now, they're made in steel or plastic vats, in chemical sodium chloride, without seeing sun at all and....added chemicals to speed up their "fermenting" process.

Making preserved food in steel or plastic vats will leech carcinogenic (cancer causing) chemicals due to the high salt brine, and along with all the other chemicals and unnatural salt, we are poisoning ourselves with these yummy food.

Did anyone notice these preserved veggie taste different than when we were kids? Yes.

Because they're not honestly made anymore.

The only difference would be preserved salted black beans, the process are still mainly the same.

But for those with weak health, use the dried ones and leave it to your slow cooker to deal with it. Just as good, if not better.