Western VS Asian Diet

Student was an avid health advocator and did multiple Western style detoxification for his body.

His health deteriorated rapidly and he shivers in local aircon places despite sipping copious amount of hot water. I advised him to start taking mutton to improve his internal Fire.

Thank God that he actually likes mutton but hasn't been eating for years because he worries of heatiness, maybe cholesterol too.

Food knowledge is seriously lacking in the Western world, come our Asian society, we adopted it whole sale and ruin our health.

Our Asian body constitution cannot take the kind of detoxification process the Westerners do. Those who have been to USA would know, how much meat an adult eats in a meal, for many days.

It can be a 16 ounce steak, which is 454gm of meat!

How many of us Asians eat this amount of meat in a meal? Almost never! Of course they need detoxification, they need the raw food diet, they need super fruits to clear the cholesterol and fats in their system!

When we want health, we cannot blindly copy food fads wholesale. We need to think very carefully of the origins, the advocators' lifestyle and eating habits before using it on us.