What Is Qi

 My latest Qigong individual student is a Christian, and is very curious of what Qi is and if it has to do with external energy of other sources. Let me briefly explain what Qi is here. smile emoticon

In ancient texts from China, Qi is an energy source in our body, Mother Nature and "the heaven". By modern language, Heaven now refers mainly to the Universe energy, because science has proven that there isn't life in moon and the surrounding planets, so Heaven couldn't be there.

However, that doesn't mean Heaven couldn't be out of our Milky Way and can reach us via their energy source. Let's just leave this topic open and continue on Qi.

By various scientific researches + advancement of modern medical devices, Qi has been more or less confirmed of being an electric current. Our ECG and brain waves are measured by their currents via the wires that can pick up their movements.

When we think of electric, our mind visualize those bright sparks or currents that runs from/across the sky = lighting. Yes, this is Qi, but it's so minor in our body that it's intangible but can be picked up by medical devices and gadgets.

Qi exist in all of us, animals, and plants by different degree of intensity and/or strength. When our Qi is weak, pathogens can enter body and multiply to make us ill.

When our Qi is weak, our metabolic rate slows down, the dead cells and tissues in our system cannot be excreted successfully out of our body, causing accumulation of phlegm, blood clots and fats in different degree for different individual.

Conversely, when our Qi is strong, we would be resistant to pathogens, organs healthy and even the unseen (spirits) cannot get near us. Because the electric current in our body is strong enough to repel them.

This, is Qi.

Qi, in the ancient text, has the word "rice" in it = we need food to sustain our Qi to get it going. Of course, it doesn't mean rice is the producer of Qi, but because China is predominantly a rice-eating nation for millennia, hence becomes the symbol for food.

In the ancient Chinese text, another source of Qi comes from the mind = proper thoughts create good Qi, bad thoughts create bad Qi.

By bad, it doesn't just mean evil thoughts. Excessive worries, fear, stress all create bad Qi too. With excessive bad Qi is in us for a long time, our health suffers. So yes, our mind affect the health of our Qi too.

Can there be external Qi that comes into our body?

Yes, some Qigong practitioners advocate transferring their Qi to their students or patients to help them get their Qi going or heal their health. I don't practice that.

This is against the Tao of Qi.

By the Tao of Qi, each of us have equal amount of Qi, how we cultivate it lies in our choice of our thoughts, food and beverage intake, how we conduct our daily routine etc. We are supposed to be independent and learn how to better ourselves, not dependent solely on others to give us their Qi.

By the Tao of Qi, improper people will ultimately reap poisonous fruits to their lives and poison themselves.

Proper conduct of ourselves to be favored by the Higher Power is taught in all orthodox religions. By being favored, it means when we're first proper as a person, will the Universe or Higher Power descend their energy to bless us.

Even if we're not religious, as long as we've proper thoughts and conduct, the Universe will similarly bless us.

Hence, I teach Qigong by all the proper techniques, food intake (remember the "rice" in the ancient Chinese Qi script?), and attitudes to put our mindsets correct.

Qi healing, by right, should only be involved when the patient has started changing their thoughts and lifestyle, be on the right path and see proper effects.