Real TCM

Many people think great TCM formulations are crafted with expensive and/or exotic herbs. This couldn't be more wrong.

Many great TCM formulas come from the commonest herbs, and most are cheap too. And 99% of them have nothing to do with animal parts or derivatives = 99% of the TCM formulas are 100% plant-based.

So how does it work?

By the synergy of different herbs + the amount of them together in the brewing pot.

This, is the dynamics of TCM that made China the most populous + strongest one for thousands of years. Without a great medical system, no country can be big + strong.

The Western world created super bugs with increasingly failing antibiotics, TCM can deal with it easily. However, finding the right TCM doctor involves loads of luck now.

Side note = If you have been taking TCM medication for at least 8 months and your conditions haven't improved, the medication is wrong, the TCM doctor is wrong.

Leave the person ASAP.

Long term TCM medication for chronic illnesses can turn toxic for human beings. Even some TCM tonics taken in long terms can be bad for health.

May you find the right person to help you.