Responsible TCM Practitioner

The most memorable story from a new student today is, he got a TCM prescription from a fortune teller, and pulled down his already poor health further.

When I saw the prescription, I listed all that he's suffering now and his eyes widen, "You hit all the bull's eye! How you know?!"

Me, "I've experienced great TCM doctors and I've a great TCM doctor friend too."

After the first Qigong class, he exclaimed, "I've never felt so good...."

That's because I've already made him some TCM medicinal powder drink before he starts to go on the right direction.

This is why I never share TCM articles wantonly on any social media, it's either they're all wrong or half wrong. And please don't ask me to correct all those wrong, I don't have the time to do that.

TCM is too complicated to be understood well. I've only scratched the small surface despite my success with some of my students. My success with some of them are due to my personal experience + my super sensitive body that I can detect the herbs reaction to very small details.

And I'm so totally not being just humble over it, I'm really dead serious!