Pooing Business

Latest student who has 1 of his chronic issue healed overnight with my Qigong + prescription yesterday, reported less poo quantity today.

He has been juicing loads of veggies and fruits for breakfast every morning.

I said that his past poo quantity was high due to damage to spleen for a long time. He was quite flabbergasted when he read that.

When we eat large quantity of raw + plant food, our spleen gets impaired day by day due to the cooling properties of these food, this in turn spread the cold to the lungs that affects the colon + rectum = large release of poo daily.

But these are not organic poo = not natural pooing, it's stimulated pooing. With such artificial stimulation for a long time, the rest of the organs fall in domino effects. Which is his case, and many others.

Because he stopped the juices as my instructions, his body is trying to adjust to this shock = less poo this morning. Given time, adjustment to his diet + proper TCM herbs to regain his body functions, all will be ok.

But not likely as much, as his previous quantity were not organically derived.

In TCM, our poo quantity is determined by how strong our Qi and how lubricated our intestines are. Lubrication of our intestines come from herbs or animal fats. Plant fats, on the contrary (and surprise!), offers little lubrication.

And animal fats, collagen are among the most easily absorbed by our body for internal health = skin radiance, joints smoothness, poo etc, not plants'. This is why we should be omnivorous for the sake of health.

** Notice how some vegetarians looked shriveled like a prune? While some are overweight? Overweight vegetarians' system cannot digest the food = all stored under the skin, like some heavy meat eaters or omnivores. Alot of vegetarians got cancers, strokes, heart diseases. It isn't only meat that cause issues. There're many reliable reports on these findings. :)

But of course, there're those on the other realm = must be vegetarian to be healthy. These are far and few in between.

In gist, moderation is critical for our health, but what is moderation?

Everyone is an unique human being on earth, we must find our own Middle Path for the sake of health and our love for our family and future. :)