True Yin Essence Deficiency 阴虚火旺

People exhibit 阴虚火旺 (deficient in True Yin Essence) symptoms after childbirth or menopause, or high work-stress life may take 六味地黄丸 to alleviate the situation. However.

If the person's internal system is already too damp to start with, the body cannot absorb 六味地黄丸 = feels heatiness from eating it. Why would a body be damp + deficient in True Yin Essence?

When our body undergo a period of exhaustion and malnutrition (from work or childbirth etc), our True Yin Essence depletes, thenour body system would be too sluggish and weak to metabolize the water we take in. In time to come, this becomes Damp.

And in longer time to come, it turns into Damp Heat. With that, any minor tonic can turn into heatiness or fire giving us health issues e.g sore throat, ulcers, running nose, poor temper, insomnia etc. This issue cannot be resolved by not drinking water, or reduce our water intake when we're thirsty.

** Note, only drink water when we're feeling thirsty, we need to respect our body signals. Those too absorbed in working without a break should then place a mug of water and sip every half hour. Sip only, please.

The only way to resolve this Damp and/or Damp Heat issue must go through the TCM herbal brew way, exercising to sweat cannot improve the situation, it'll only cause more fatigue, sending the body down a spiral of lacking even more resources to go on its daily work.

When the Damp and/or Damp Heat is resolved, we'll be able to absorb any tonic, including durians.

Persistent Damp and/or Damp Heat trapped in our body will cause the following issues:

Poor memory
Poor temper
Irregular ovulation + menstruation
Poor or exceeding libido
Poor digestion
Tiny wart-like or polyp-like eruptions on skin
Skin pigmentation (menopause women)
Eczema, rashes etc
And more

Sufferers can be easily conned by salespeople or conmen in middle/old age due to Damp and/or Damp Heat issues, because the sluggishness in the system impairs how the mind discern information.

In long time to come and if the situation is deep enough, the sufferer can become fearful, anxious, depressed. This mainly happens when the sufferer gets old e.g 60 years old and above, and he/she isn't a positive person to start with.

With work stress and improper nutrition according to body constitution, Damp and/or Damp Heat can be the catalyst to heart attacks, strokes and cancers etc.

In TCM, one of the biggest chronic illness battles TCM doctors fear dealing with is Damp and Damp Heat. Because it's one of the most difficult to deal with and of the longest journey to recover, it's also one of the easiest issues to resurface if the recovered patient doesn't take care of their diet, lifestyle and mind.

In the Singapore context, anyone who has issues eating durians, chocolates, Chinese tonics = feeling ill after it = sure to be having Damp and/or Damp Heat body.

You can find a solution with me, I've dealt with alot of such cases with fast results. But you need to work with me 100% for it. :)